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Question for pocket diaper moms

I'm a FTM and after a ton of research I've decided I want to do pocket diapers for day and fitted for nights. What are your favorite brands and why? Price, absorbency, fit? I have specific things I like, such as the pocket in front, one size with snaps, that sort of thing and I just don't know where to start looking with all the different brands available!

Re: Question for pocket diaper moms

  • nackienackie member
    We use the bum genius pockets and like them a lot.  They fit our boy well and we rarely have issues with leaks (you do need to make sure the insert isn't bunched up when you stuff them). They seem pretty absorbent, but we haven't tried other brands.
  • I've got Nicki's, AppleCheeks, and Lalabye. My favorite of them is Lalabye. It and Nicki's have openings in the front and back that make stuffing and unstuffing them very easy. Lalabye also has a protective band on the inside in the front and gathering in the back to help prevent leaks and comes with two bamboo inserts that are super absorbent. You also have the option of snapping the inserts over the top of the inner liner if you decide you want to use them like an all-in-two diaper. The diapers are one size with color-coded snaps to make putting them on faster. They're about 20 dollars each, but the inserts are so absorbent I think they're worth it. They've lasted 5 hours before when I was stuck out and about with no leaking. I also love the colors and patterns that they come out with. I bought a wide variety of diapers in the beginning and if I could go back and restart I'd only have Lalabye. 
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  • I use Sunbaby and never had a problem!
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  • I don't use pockets, but my friend who does loves BumGenius. 
  • I am still waiting for my daughter to arrive but I've gotten tons of diapers as gifts bc we told family and friends before the shower and have many friends who cloth diaper. I've also had all the tutorials from those friends. The advice I was given was use the newborn stage to try different styles to learn what what you and baby like. I put 4+ of each style I was willing to try on my registry in newborn sizes (just pockets in one size bc I'm fairly confident we will steer that direction for several reasons). Brand has never mattered for me though. I looked for well rated cost effective diapers on Amazon. Another good site and resource is green mountain diapers. One friend raved about thirsties,  another friend said her kid leaked through the legs of every single thirsties she had but not her others. It depends on your kid so I recommend trying several. Also I was advised to use hemp doublers for night but never alone, they need to have something fast absorbing in there too bc hemp absorbs slowly. 
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