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Nervous( just letting nervous energy out)

Im scared. Ive never imagined my self with 1 child. Now here i am with 7th on the way. It feels so unreal. Like im in a dream.  I miscarried before my fifth and also before the 6.  Im scared something bad will happen again. Im scared im going to wipe blood evert time i go use the bathroom. I feel like im just waiting for something bad to happen.i hate this and  My apt is not until the 15th.  :/

Re: Nervous( just letting nervous energy out)

  • I'm lucky enough to have uppy happy hormones in pregnancy but after delivery, things go dark and anxiety is in full swing. You've got this, mama! 

    Talk to anyone and everyone. Ignore those that aren't helpful and seek out those that are. Emphasis on the ignoring those that aren't helpful!
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  • @babyequals8, let it all out! Praying for you cause I know it's so tough.
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