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Help! Unsure

Hello. I had a MC last week and I went back to the doctor a week later and I still have tissue that isn't being expelled. They want to do a d and c on me or use the pill. I was so scared I just asked for another week to see if my body can do it on its own. Has anyone else had this experience? Should I wait or just get it over with? I am so upset with our loss to begin with and I'm scared and have no idea what to do. Thank you guys so much.

Re: Help! Unsure

  • I had waited to see if my body would do it on its own. It didn't, but I feel like I needed to wait it out. I don't regret it. Do whatever feels best to you. 
  • I'm so sorry for your loss. I was in a similar position as you just two weeks ago. I got to the point though where I just wanted it to be over. I went ahead with the cytotec and it actually wasn't that bad. My doctor was okay with me waiting longer if I had wanted. It's so hard but remember there is no right or wrong choice. 
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  • Thank you guys so much. My body isn't even trying anymore it seems. I might just take that pill and be done with it. Well hopefully. Thank you again. 
  • @dannixx for me I just wanted it be over as quickly as possible and recover as quickly as possible so I could start trying again. I elected to have d & c with both of mine.  I didn't experience any pain and was back doing most of my normal activity the next day.  I needed more time to recover emotionally than I did physically.  Do what you feel is best for you.   Sorry for your loss
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