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    @Avrilmai - Haha, you might have been the first person I ever suggested that to! It makes me smile that you remember and it makes me sad that we are both still here..... grrr....
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  • @fishsticks-n-custard I like their lattes or caramel macchiatos. I do make coffee at home, but sometimes I need a little more than the average drip coffee. 
    @Avrilmai FX for tomorrow!
  • @zamora_spin I feel your pain on the vomiting cat. we had a special diet cat too. she passed a few years ago at 15, she was only 6lbs and on a prescription diet for a while and then decided she didn't like that food anymore. (Cats, what are you going to do). She only wanted some of the cheaper brand wet foods, we then realized every time she ate salmon she would vomit, so no more salmon. We actually held off on getting new sofa because of her. Glad to hear you kitty is healthy otherwise.

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    TTC/IF:included medicated cycles, IUIs and 2 rounds of IVF with 1 embryo each. 
    BFP finally in 12/2018

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    "Some days are diamonds, some days are rocks,
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  • @cricket648 - I take them orally. 

    @labgrand2012 - Oh that makes me feel a lot better. Whenever I look at charts through google I see a bunch of high temps for the luteal phase and I get sad. Thank you.

    @Pinky917 -- oh good to know! I had some this morning but I will stop. So... can I have any freaking tea after O? lol. I love tea :( 

    @darkstar42 -- Oh ok good to know. I will probably put my chart up tomorrow if the temp doesn't rise any higher because at this moment they are close to the cover line... but technically it's only 2DPO so there should be time for a rise, right?

    @dragonette505 -- it's overpriced clothes. That's all I can truly tell you. With crazy patterns and leggings that provide absolutely zero support. haha
    I will check out Angie's list :) 

    @izza2 -- welcome to the TTC fun!

    @pebbledam -- that's what I thought. :) Pumped for you!

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  • @garnetandgoldgrace LOL!! I get it! I never buy expensive active wear... its just for me to sweat in so I guess I wouldn't be in on this anyway 
  • @izza2 omg huge chapstick addict over here! I get ya. My fam is constantly making fun of me for pulling chapsticks out of everywhere like a magician! 
    Thanks @Avrilmai and everyone who helped with my opk question :) yay for early O!
    @fishsticks-n-custard I seriously think we're the same person lol. Everything in your response I was nodding to like "yep, uh huh. Me too"
  • @fishsticks-n-custard I don't mind you asking! It might be a bit TMI for some, so fair warning. I'm getting a colonoscopy. It's just a preventative check up because of family history. So nothing major, but I definitely won't feel like sex for a couple days there, so hoping I O a bit on the later side.
    @garnetandgoldgrace My first couple of temps post-O are usually close to the coverline, and then they go up, so you should be totally fine! I don't know if you have or have read the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility, but the author provides sample charts showing various issues you can identify by temping as well as many variations on normal. Looking at that was really helpful for me.
  • @cards10 Ha! I feel the same way about you!

    @darkstar42 My hubbie had one of those about six months ago. I think it was the prep that was the hardest part for him, because he was just so stinkin' hungry. He honestly didn't feel that bad once the sedation wore off after the procedure. 

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  • @Avrilmai Yeah the cat vomit is not fun. It is better than what was happening before. The cat spends most of her time on our bottom floor (which is just a bedroom and full bath) and even though I have steam cleaned the carpet down there probably 10 times this year it is never good enough. I have been begging MH to redo the floors down there with one of those good quality wood-look laminates to make the clean-up easier. 
  • Month/Cycle: 2/2

    CD: 14

    WAYDTGKU: OPKs, CM checks

    R/R: I've head a headache for the past couple days, but also positive OPKs. So... migraine sex. Oy.


    GTKY: Aside from essentials, what do you spend the most money on? For shopping - probably Amazon, but that includes lots of essentials (tampons, paper towels, etc). I guess it would be Travel? I always shop for deals and won't purchase until I get incredible airfare (in most cases), but it adds up.
  • @lalalaj ugh, hope your migraine subsides so it can be more enjoyable sex. Catch that little egg!!
  • @garnetandgoldgrace Feel free to PM me a photo of the space! I can give some tips real quick. Home staging and styling is what I do for a living. 

    @darkstar42 Oooh what kind of stuff do you have for your kitchen? I cook a lot but despite my Sur la Table obsession, I'm never sure what things would make life easier and which ones are just for show.

    @dragonette505 Boo fixing broken house things. Other than that, how do you like your investment properties? My parent's bought a townhouse for my little sister to live in while in college (the mortgage was cheaper than rent) and are considering using it as an investment property. Also, yay for IVF cycle! 

    @pebbledam Oh my goodness! That's so cute that they cuddle together! 

    @Avrilmai I have what I believe to be a collie/bernese mix. She has real bad separation anxiety so the money has been spent on fixing walls/carpets/windows that she destroyed and surgery on her teeth, because she ruined them destroying all the other sh*t. I'll AW her in a spoiler anyway though because she's my favorite. 

  • @fishsticks-n-custard I totally agree with YH! I had one once before, and the prep was awful, but the procedure is fine.
    @SkilledSailor Where do I start! We have so much kitchen stuff. In terms of gadgets, food processor is a must (we have three, in varying sizes...), we have a panini press, a popcorn maker, an ice cream maker, a fondue set, um... I'm sure I'm forgetting something. Then there are the pretty cutting boards, the pizza stone, the wok, the snazzy garlic press, and all the other little things. In general though, the best place to spend your money is on good knives. We like Wusthof the best. What kind of food do you like to cook? I feel like we need a GTKY recipe thread on here!
  • @darkstar42. Yay for free lunches.  Always love those.  As for the pedicures, I figure it is summer and we are still wearing sandals and such, so why not get them painted? Plus, I always feel so refreshed after getting them done.  (To save money, you could just ask for them painted rather than the full pedicure).

    @garnetandgoldgrace. I like a little bit of mom is in two book clubs, so I usually ask her for recommendations.  Station Eleven is next on my list.  (Like you, though, I do have a few kiddo related ones too) ;)

    @labgrand2012. Not too fast haha. It depends on whom I run with and how fast they want to go, but 6 miles is the usually distance we run. 
    Yay for decorating the house. Do you watch HGTV? Those shows are my guilty getting home ideas.

    @izza2. I am a chapstick addict too!!!!

  • @SkilledSailor its love hate (not really hate!) We rent two 2 br apts and live in the two bottom floors as a duplex so we also live within close proximity to our tenants. I guess in some ways its good because we can respond more quickly to issues. But for us it was a no brainer.. to buy a townhouse in Manhattan it had to also produce income to be affordable. Otherwise we would have had to move to Brooklyn or worse... New Jersey (i kid..i kid!).
    I actually like house projects and im pretty handy to a certain extent and my husband is super handy. We are really happy to be sort of in business together in this way and we believe its a totally smart investment... sort of like our eventual retirement nest egg. The value increased even before we moved in and our neighborhood is up and coming so thats making it even better. I say if you can invest in real estate its a great idea! If your parents are able to they should def continue to use it as an investment property...perhaps even one of you guys could take it on when they dont want to anymore.
  • izza2izza2 member
    @izza2 Snacks that fit in the bag/scrubs pocket are essential to life. Do you eat meat? I love the EPIC jerky bars for a quick burst of protein.
    Definite meat eater! I've never heard of those, but I'm definitely going to try them!

    Me: 30 | DH: 34 | DSS: 14 | DS: 4
    PG #2, EDD 10/12/2023

  • @thatcrazyauntie yay for CH's! GL in the TWW!
    Girls weekend is with mostly friends that I've known since college, so over 10 years. We are all sig-o's to the same group of guys who are super close since high school and college. And us girls have gotten really close. So we've been friends forever and see each other maybe monthly but not all the time. So it's great to get together. There's 7 of us going. So excited :)
  • @cards10 that sounds awesome! My college girls are my fave to weekend with, we live far apart now and it's always as if nothing has changed!!!
  • @SkilledSailor  she is beautiful! 

    TTC#1 10/2016
    TTC/IF:included medicated cycles, IUIs and 2 rounds of IVF with 1 embryo each. 
    BFP finally in 12/2018

    TTC#2 06/2021
    planning FET

    "Some days are diamonds, some days are rocks,
    some doors are open, some roads are blocked" 

  • @darkstar42 - I actually have the book, yes. But I let a friend borrow it and don't know if she ever returned it :( 
    @SkilledSailor --YESSSSS. I would love that!! Can I send you a photo tomorrow? it's midnight and obviously I need better lighting ;) 
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    DH: 30
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  • @garnetandgoldgrace Sure! I'll keep an eye out.
  • Month/Cycle: 1/1

    CD: 9

    WAYDTGKU: Clomid, IUI with donor sperm

    R/R: My general lack of patience is starting to get to me

    CS/Q: none

    GTKY: Aside from essentials, what do you spend the most money on?

    If you don't count it as an essential: Soccer

    If soccer is an essential: crafting stuff.  I am learning how to make a quilt, we are doing some family artwork, and we are working on building the centerpieces for our wedding.

    Me: 26  DF: 34  DS: 11

    TTC since May 2017, first cycle (medicated) with IUI August 2017 using SD

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