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WTO 7/26






GTKY: Aside from essentials, what do you spend the most money on?
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DSS born 01/2016
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Re: WTO 7/26

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  • @cards10  I agree...restaurants are something we spend $ on too!  What are your favorite wines?
  • @nitnat007  What kind of dog do you have?  Or is your dog the one in your siggy?
    Enjoy the lovely weather and drinks with your friends!
  • @nitnat007 enjoy the drinks, hopefully outside! And your poor puppy :( he's been through a lot!

    @dukestar5 re wine... I do not really stick to brands, there are some I'll recognize and get again but it's mostly me just seeing which label sticks out to me lol. And we collect corks so ones that aren't screw cap. I know they're "just as good" but I want the cork! Lol. My fave regions are Argentina, Italy, and California. I like Pinot, malbec, and blends. What about you?
  • @garnetangoldgrace - I didn't even think about Amazon. We do use our prime a lot - not sure how I lived without it.
    @Augusta108 - I am thinking it is pillow related - might be time for a new pillow. Sorry about CD1. Glad your trip is going well otherwise. 
  • @glitzandglitter It should just be until the end of the day. It went in for some recalled parts. Get a heating pad or something on that neck of yours. Hope you feel better soon. 

    @SkilledSailor I know the feeling. Setting up the house was so expensive. You don't realize how bad it is going to be until you get there. But it has a certain satisfaction about it. 

    @Augusta108 I am sorry that AF showed up. Creepy internet hugs! But I am glad that you can stay busy and not think about it. Enjoy your time in Seattle! And yay for chocolate cake (my favorite!). My dog gets a subscription box too! Spoiled rotten!!

    @garnetandgoldgrace My temps seem to be low too. The highest I have hit so far has been 98.20. I don't think its something to worry about. I hope its not?!
  • Ok, it takes me so long to write that I missed some people...
    @darkstar42 I'm sorry you have to go through with the procedure. I hope it goes smoothly. 
    @labgrand2012 So happy to see you here!
  • @zamora_spin - They are best known for their leggings, but that also have shirts, skits, dresses, and other stuff that I am  totally blanking on!

    Thank you all for the well wishes for the apartment! If 5pm can get here soon that would be fantastic! haha.
    Me: 34 DH: 33
    DD: 07/19/18
    EDD: 06/22/22
  • @Augusta108 sorry about CD1 they're never easy. Hopefully this is your last one. Enjoy Seattle :)
    @garnetandgoldgrace I accidentally bought prime this past prime day ;) And now I've bought more since then then I did in the past year lol. Apparently the only thing holding me back from ordering more was paying for shipping. 
    @Dilynne aww that's so cute about your friend. Talk about small wedding!
    @darkstar42 GL with your upcoming procedure and FX it won't interfere with your FW!
    @langrand so sorry for your loss but happy to meet you :) 
    @zamora_spin ah thanks for the info. Good to know about pnv's. And truth about the 401k! I didn't even think of that
  • @nitnat007 - anytime your car is in the shop it sucks - I'm glad you get it back today. The heating pad and I have been BFFs today for sure.
    @cricket648 - Glad your DH's interview went well. FX that his second interview goes just as well and that he gets the job.
    @darkstar42 - Sorry your neck/shoulders are hurting too :( Hopefully we both feel better soon!
    @Dragonette505- This is my first cycle off BCP after being on it for a while so I think the spotting is just my body trying to get it together. Before the pill I wold have it occasionally but not like this so hopefully it will chill out soon.

  • @mileswithmyles @dragonette505 yep, I have 50, well now 49 cheapie wandfo OPKs so I'll be doing 2 a day when I think I'm closer to O just to make sure I don't miss it, prob evening when I get home from work and late morning at work. I'm definitely not above peeing in a tiny bag and dipping the wandfo in it in a public bathroom ;)
    @fishsticks-n-custard +1 for Ava!
    and @dragonette505 GL with IVF this cycle! FX for you!
  • @Pinky917 That toy is long since gone lol. Do you get Barkbox? My dog loves it! Although the toys don't last very long, the treats are usually great. 

    @pebbledam Those pups are gorgeous! I am such a softy for the big dogs and would love to have a dane as well. Sorry to hear that she is not well. ((hugs))
  • @nitnat007 We got it for a long time, but actually cancelled our subscription earlier this year. Like you said, the toys wouldn't last very long, and after a while we started to kind of have a treat overload. We may go back to it once we go through some more of the stuff we have leftover.  We still have a few random toys that we bust out for "special occasions", one of which is actually the star part of that one!
    Me: 32 DH:33
    Married 9/2015
    TTC #1 6/2016
    BFP: 4/21/2017 - CP
    Dx Unexplained IF 6/2017
    Clomid + Ovidrel + IUI 7/2017 - Cancelled (overstimulated)
    Letrozole + Ovidrel + IUI #1 - BFN
    Letrozole + Ovidrel + IUI #2 -BFN
    Letrozole + Ovidrel + IUI#3 - BFP! EDD July 15 2018
    Baby Girl H - July 22 2018

  • @pebbledam so sorry about your big pup! Great Danes are such sweethearts! :(:(:(
    @Avrilmai Sometimes i will be composing a post and then have to step over to my boss' office and come back and there will be a ton more posts.... but legit by the time i click post the draft will be sitting there an hour! lol
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