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Belly creams

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I am a FTM and I have noticed that my belly is starting to change and maybe grow a little. I'm 13 weeks tomorrow. I'm terrified of stretch marks and want to do everything I can to prevent them. Do y'all have advice on belly creams? What have you used or what are you using?

These are the 3 I was looking at. 

Re: Belly creams

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    Drink a lot of water, stay hydrated. The creams are more for your comfort (dry itchy skin). From what I have researched, the creams do not actually prevent stretch marks at all. 

    I didn't have any stretch marks with DS1, with DS2 I did. I was larger with DS2. That said, they are not a big deal at all and don't bother me in the slightest. 
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    I was the same when I was pregnant with my DS...however...having spent tons on belly creams bio oils bla bla...got them anyway. They are usually hereditary...if your mom got them..
    your chances are alot higher of getting them too. Dont be so stressed
    ..honestly you learn to love them...
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    Stretch marks are hereditary. If you're going to get them you're going to get them.
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    Honest company belly cream with a belly band over it really helped with the itchy-ness stretching of my belly last time. My mom has TONS of stretch marks and I didn't get one. But I think it has more to do with my body type. I'm several inches taller than my mom so my belly was more long than a torpedo. 
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    The creams help with the itching,  and the itching is the skin stretching. 
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    Stretch marks are hereditary, and I'm pretty sure mine have been there, all over, since puberty. I have the cocoa butter cream, but have not been able to handle the smell, so I have used vitamin E oil instead. Sometimes, I break out from it, so I won't be using it regularly until I get bigger. Also, drink lots of water and eat foods like raw almonds.
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    I bought the Burt's Bee one! But who knows if it works. DH read a study online that said cocoa butter does nothing if not can somehow actually make stretch marks worse. I think all we can really do is cross our fingers and love our bodies regardless. 
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    I bought the Burts Bees oil & when that ran out just used almond oil (which is basically what the Burts Bees version is). It did the trick for me with my first pregnancy & I'm using it again this time around. 
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    I used the burts bees with my first two to help the itching I didn't get stretch marks but that may have just been luck. 
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    If it helps ease your mind, I got TERRIBLE stretch marks with my last pregnancy (like seriously tiger stripes allll over my hips and belly, and they have faded pretty well in the year since giving birth. I thought they'd be purple and scary forever but they are barely noticeable now. I'm proud of them anyways, learned to love them. Like most have said, they are hereditary so you'll get them or you won't I think. I knew I would get them because I already had some on my legs from a growth spurt during high school. My mom had basically the exact same ones as me from her pregnancies.
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    I loved the burt's bees belly butter, great for belly itchiness. I didn't get stretch marks, but like Karcer said, I think it's luck.

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    I got tons of stretch marks but they fade. With my first i used all kinds of creams and lotions and I'm convinced they're all just a money grab. Lol if they're in your genes, you're going to get them. The good news is they fade a lot over time. 
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    I used A Mother's Special Blend oil with my first and I don't have a single stretch mark- I agree with PP that I think some of it is hereditary but the oil helped keep skin hydrated and kept the itching at bay. I use it religiously, twice a day, from the moment I know I'm pregnant. A little goes a long way and it's only $10 a bottle. I think I used two bottles throughout and after DD. 
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