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Baby shower?


Re: Baby shower?

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    @eyesofcocoa@yahoo.com I have been to baby showers before that were planned by the momma-to-be and I didn't think anything of it. I honestly didn't know that people considered it rude until I started reading these boards!

    As a side note, pot-luck showers seem to be a huge no-no here, but I have never been to a shower (baby, bridal, or graduation party) that wasn't a pot-luck! Am I the only one?

    I have even been to a couple of weddings that were pot-luck. Maybe it's a small town thing...or just my town thing lol.
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    Yeah, a pot luck shower or wedding would be a big no-no here and I too live in a small town.

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    clc515clc515 member
    I havent heard of potluck baby or bridal showers. I went to one where a group of like 6 girls cooked, but the rest of the guests didnt bring food. 

    I have heard it's "wrong" to throw your own shower etiquitte wise. I've also heard its bad form for immediate family to throw a shower because its seen as gift mongering, but almost every shower I've been to has been  hosted by a mom or sister, sooo i think some rules can be flexible based on whats normal for your friends/area.
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    ^^I feel like there are so many "ettiquette" rule too. I always offer to host showers for my girlfriends to help get around them. 
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