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Maternity Leave

Since we are rounding that corner into the 3rd month or for some starting to reach the end of the first trimester, I thought it would be a good time to start this discussion. 

When are are you telling your employer? What does your maternity leave plan look like? Are you negotiating anything outside of what your company typically offers? 

Re: Maternity Leave

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    I'm entering week 12 and told my boss on Tuesday.  She wanted to make an announcement to everyone in a meeting today but I asked her to hold off since I didn't feel comfortable with all that attention yet.

    I will take 3 months off unpaid but will get 6k through short term disability which I signed up for a few months back (thank God!)

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    I will let my principal know at the end of the summer since we are on summer holidays. I live in Canada so will have a full year off with this peanut. I will have to plan for my first week off and then the rest is up to the substitute until I am back! 
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    I recently started a new job so I don't qualify for maternity leave (good ol' USA).
    i will get the option of short term disability or fmla, which I will take if I decide to return. My husband is job hunting and if he gets a new position I probably won't go back to work (he's pretty underpaid in his current role so basically most jobs he could get would be a step up financially. However, competition is tough in his field, so I'm trying to not make him feel pressure).
    Because I'm only a month or so into my job, and not showing yet , I'm planning to wait at least 3 more weeks or so to tell my boss. We just had 2 women at work announce their pregnancy so I'm gonna give him some time before adding my name to the list! 
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    I'm most likely taking 6 weeks like I did with my first two. I don't qualify for FMLA because my company is too small. The only pay I will get will be whatever vacation time I have saved which won't cover much. We only get 9 paid days a year. My only shred of hope is we recently got a short term disability policy through my employer, but at first glance I didn't see anything mentioned about using for maternity leave so that may be a dead end. 
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    @emsrdh03 I'm sorry to hear that. Maternity leave in the US sucks. I hope you can get some short term disability to get more time off. If not, will you do leave without pay or just go back sooner?

    I have to use accrued leave to get paid during my maternity leave. I've got about 6 weeks saved now, and if I manage to not use any until birth (HA!) then I'll have about three more weeks. After that I can get leave advanced to me up to 6 weeks, which I pay back when I come back to work. Then after that, if I need it, other employees can donate their unused leave to me. There are some people here who have hundreds of hours, if not over a thousand, saved after 30 years of working so there's plenty to donate. I just have to hope people like me enough to do it :) In total I'll be out 12 weeks.

    I told my boss around 7 weeks that I was pregnant because H was hounding me about maternity leave, so I needed to ask her how it worked. She clearly loves babies and seemed really sad that her kids weren't still babies! We also have to work on a plan to cover my work when I'm out. I've told other coworkers here and there when it comes up in conversation.
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    clc515clc515 member
    @kbrinks2 wow you get a full year! Must be awesome for bonding with baby. 

    I am covered for 12 weeks with FMLA, unpaid. I will have about 4 weeks of PTO accrued if I take no more vacation, so have to worry about 8 weeks pay. My company has a PTO donation pool, so I'll see if I qualify to dip into that, otherwise will have to see if we have short term disability. Also, I currently try to work from home once a week when schedule allows, but would love to negotiate for that to formally be part of my work schedule with baby.

    I wasn't planning to tell til I'm showing, but at the very least until my new hire comes on (hopefully within the month) so I have a backup person in play to ease my boss's mind about my extended absence. I'm a 1 person department and we've been talking about growing the dept for a few months so no time like the present! 
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    I haven't told anyone at work yet. I have my NT scan on the 31st and I'll probably get my Councyl results back next week so once the verdict is in I'll tell my manager and co-workers. 

    I get 6 weeks of short term disability at 60% pay then I'll take 6 more unpaid. I'm still debating on returning to work. Financially I can't make the numbers work for me to return and put the kids in daycare.  I'd like to work PT from home but who knows it they will let me. 
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    HR and some co workers know already. My boss comes back from vacation the Monday after my NT scan so I will tell him then at 12w5d (close enough to 13). HR said I could take 12 weeks, but didn't know about how much I would get paid, as NY is starting a new family leave program in 2018 and I will be the first to use it. I did find out that I don't have to use my PTO if I don't want to and she also said she would look into letting me roll over any unused time from this year. But I am not planning on coming back so I will not be "borrowing" any time. I will likely tell my boss midway through leave that I won't be returning. 
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    12 weeks.  My company gives 2 weeks of paid new parent leave and I qualify for 8 weeks of 100% short term disability.  I'll carry a week's PTO over at the end of this year and use a week of earned 2018 PTO.
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    starlastarla member
    I'm not sure when I'll tell my boss. I'll try to wait until after my next ultrasound or later. I'm potentially up for a promotion which is another reason to hold off on the news. 

    I'm in Canada and unionized. Fortunately I get a year of leave at almost full pay. 
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    A full year of time off. I love this so much about living in Canada vs the US. The year off gives you so much more time to bond with your baby before having to go back to work.

    I used to live in the US and saw how much my oldest had to do to get time off after my niece was born. Really sad that there isn't something actually federally mandated.
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    I am 10 weeks and will probably tell my work after my next appt. I am going to take at least 14 weeks of maternity leave. I'm not sure ifninwi qualify for short term disability since i started my currently position 1 week before my bfp. We are not worried though my income is stricltly savings, and disposable income. I will likely be job hunting over leave anyways as This position was just a stepping stone anyways. 
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    My manager is on vacation until the 30th so I have to told her yet. I'm probably going to tell her around 12 weeks once she is back. Some of the other girls on the floor know so even thought I haven't personally told our charge nurse I am sure she knows lol!!
    i get about a year off, my work place tops me up for 25 weeks to 95% and for the rest of the time I just get the regular EI everyone gets. (Canada) 
    Last baby I had to leave early, so I'm hoping this time I can either take sick EI or go on modified for the last month 
     also thinking hubby will take a few weeks off with me this time on parental leave. I would love that. 
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    I am so jealous of all the ladies in Canada.  A year for maternity is awesome!!

    Even though my company isn't required to adhere to FMLA because we are a small company they do.  The office manager is a mom and the owner let her decide what the policy would be so it's pretty family friendly.  She and my boss have known since I found out.  They have let me take long lunches without using my PTO to get bloodwork and other stuff done.  I am taking the full 12 weeks allowed.  Because I will have been here for 5 years when the baby is born (5 year anniversary is in October) I get 6 weeks paid.  The other 6 weeks will be unpaid but we have already been saving so that's not a burden.  Not sure if I have to use my vacation first or not.  I will have to ask that.
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    When are are you telling your employer?
    I'm a teacher and off for the summer, so I'll tell my principal when school starts back, which will be perfect since I'll be 13 weeks.

    What does your maternity leave plan look like?
    We have to save our sick days year-to-year. I don't have very many from last year because I was very sick in the spring and was out sick for about two weeks with the flu, strep, and pneumonia. I won't be able to stay home sick at all until the baby is born and then will use those days. Thankfully, one of the weeks will be Spring Break so I won't have to use days for that week.

    Are you negotiating anything outside of what your company typically offers? 

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    I told my boss last week.

    I'm in Canada but my set up is a little different. I get 17 weeks at 100% pay through my employer. DH and I can then split 35 weeks however we want and will get partial pay. With the way my employment is structured my boss has the option to top me up to 100% during the 35 weeks, which he has indicated he will do.
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    @LadyMillil that is fantastic that you have the option of 35 weeks topped up to 100%! That will make taking time off a bit easier!!
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    Oh man, Canadian maternity leave sounds wonderful. *Researches immigration*  :) 

    I'm not entirely sure about my maternity leave yet. My state (NY) recently passed a new paid family leave bill that begins Jan 1, 2018 that will give 8 weeks at half pay, but being in a public school, I don't know yet if that will be applicable to me. I'm hoping so so that I don't have to use all of my sick days.
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    I'm having a moment of serious jealousy for our Canadian friends!

    I plan on telling my boss next month, sometime between 13-16 weeks. I'm on leadership at my job so following that I'll tell my leadership peers, then direct reports, then everyone else at the agency. Everyone will be in the know by early September (18 weeks).

    Originally I planned on quitting after using my 2 months of paid sick time I've been saving up (we have no FMLA, no disability, no maternity leave), with notice of course. However I just received a 25% of salary RAISE which is making the decision a lot harder than before. The money is kind of life changing but won't keep me from getting burned out on my job or give me more hours with my LO. What to do? 
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    I live in Mexico...we get time off before and after baby is born paid in full. and the best part is its not taxed! I will prob ask for an addiotnal week. My job is half time...i work 7 am to 230 5 days a week so its pretty easy. total off will be 12 weeks and any additional time I get. 
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    I told my boss almost immediately. I am very close with all of my coworkers. Ill be taking 8 wks paid (my accrued vacation and sick time) and probably 2 weeks unpaid. Hubby gets 2 more weeks through his employer so a total of 12 weels nearly all paid. After that ill be working part time to save on child care.  I am really figbting to get paid family leave at my employer! Time for the US to step their game up. 
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    I told my boss at around 6 weeks. Super early I know but I hardly ever take sick time and he suspected as much since I was going into the hospital pretty regularly for blood work and fluids. 

    Second trimester the nausea and vomiting let up right??? Lol

    I am also in Canada, so I will get 52 weeks and I am planning on taking it all.

    My husband is a firefighter so with his schedule (24 hours on, 72 hours off) he will be home with us a lot :) and doesn't plan on using any of my parental leave. 
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    @mblomq2 That does sound like a hard decision! Guess you have some time to figure it out. 

    Like a few of you, just started a new job, just finished my second week, so I haven't told them yet. I am thinking I will tell them around week 12 because I have another doctors appointment that week. 

    I do get 8 weeks full paid after birth, and can take an additional 6 at partial pay with short term disability. They also offer up to 4 months prior to birth at full pay if needed for medical reasons. Also, I have the option of 4 weeks prior at partial pay through short term disability. 

    For after maternity leave I am hopin to negotiate an adjustment period where I work from home or only work part time for a few weeks/months at least. 
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    My last job had no maternity leave but I would have qualified for FMLA, so 12 weeks, no pay though I think. 

    I quit my job in May though to work for myself and start a business as a graphic designer. Hubby and I are both very happy with the decision. Currently I have no paying clients yet but I think I should expect about 6 months or so until I'm bringing in money. We are both so happy because once it gets rolling I have unlimited potential for income, just as much as I can work. And more importantly, it's what I am good at and passionate about, I was just too chicken to pursue that until I worked a few jobs I absolutely did NOT love.

    So for maternity leave: I have none technically, but I am working from home now and that is much better in my opinion. As long as I start making money eventually, which I'm honestly quite sure that's going to happen. The US is the absolute worst for this type of benefit. I know there are good companies out there with god maternity plans, but not many and it's not required that they give you any guaranteed leave or pay as we all know unfortunately. So sad. It makes me very angry. Another reason I'm happy to be working for my self and trying to start my own business. I don't need to worry about having an employer who thinks profits are more important than benefits for new mothers.
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    kbrinks2 said:
    I will let my principal know at the end of the summer since we are on summer holidays. I live in Canada so will have a full year off with this peanut. I will have to plan for my first week off and then the rest is up to the substitute until I am back! 
    Hopefully the 18 month option will be available early next year! I'd LOVE to have a year and a half
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    I won't have any paid time off,  as we are self employed farmers. I'll just do easier tasks with baby in tow. 
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    @mamaof5already My family is farmers too, I am grateful my due date isn't in the middle of harvest season for them so we have a better chance of them being able to make it out to see us around the birth. They will still have spring calves, but hopefully it won't be too crazy. Hoping you have a few months to recoup before harvest or any big farm activities.  
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    I plan on telling work this week after my first trimester screening. 

    I am Canadian so I get spoiled with the full year off! 
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    So many Canadians here! It is awesome you get so much time with your little ones! 
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    @ramzlau, February is a pretty slow month. So the timing should be good.  We might have piglets or a big snow storm,  but nothing major til the end of April or so.
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    @ramzlau and @mamaof5already--I join you ladies in "farm life" category. Although I teach, husband works in agriculture. I'm due at the end of Feb and March gets super busy for DH (sells seed, fertilizer, etc). I have a lot of anxiety about having a 2 year old and newborn and basically being a single parent until July. 
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