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Sneak Peek Early Gender Test

Second time mom here and I never knew this was a thing. Anyone done the test and was it accurate? A girl I went to high school with posted on FB that it told her she was having a boy and surprise, she had a girl! 

Re: Sneak Peek Early Gender Test

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    I have seen it. Waste of money to me, I'm guessing it's about 50% accurate. Lol. 

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    What @Starynightsky24 said. Unless there's a money-back guarantee, it's a waste of money because they can get away with being wrong.
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    I wouldn't trust the results.  I'll wait until I get confirmation from my doctor and ultrasound tech.
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    I read the site and they have a money back guarantee for those "who's test results don't match the gender of their newborn baby". You have to send them a birth certificate as proof.  Personally it's not worth spending the money when I'm going to find out during my anatomy scan anyway.  
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    Yea I think I'm in the same camp as all of you, as much as I'd love to know earlier, i doubt I'd feel confident in their "guess" anyway till I did the anatomy scan. 
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    The only positive reviews I've seen have been from trolls. 
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    mpp06mpp06 member
    What kind of test? There's the blood test and screening and that's supposedly 99% accurate so I'm not sure which test you're talking about? 
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    I did the blood test (Noninvasive Prenatal Testing) instead of the nuchal translucency test. My doctor recommended it and my insurance covered it. It's a blood test that takes DNA from the pregnancy that crosses into my bloodstream and looks for aneuploidies. Because they are looking at DNA, they can also determine the sex of the baby - but it mostly is looking for trisomy syndromes. My doctor thinks this will eventually be standard in pregnancies because of the accuracy (right now, not all insurances cover it). Of course, there is risk of false negatives and false positives, as with most tests. 
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    But, I think the original poster was talking about the "over-the-counter" test you can buy on Amazon - it does seem like a waste of money to spend $80 on a test that has a 50% chance of being accurate anyway :smile:
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    mpp06mpp06 member
    O ok! If it's the pee ones you buy at the store I also heard those were a waste. I was going to get one and looked it up and it said it's not accurate.
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    I'm 50% accurate in my guesses. 
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