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Brand New to The Bump (and slightly overwhelmed)!

Hi all! I am brand new to The Bump! To be honest, I am feeling very overwhelmed. My husband and I have been TTC baby #1 since March. I stopped taking my BCP (after 10 years) at the end of Feb and it has been quite a long road to normal fact I don't think I am there yet. After speaking with my sister (who has a higher testosterone level and was not ovulating), I am starting to get concerned that I may have an hormonal imbalance as I do not believe I have ovulated since stopping the pill and have only gotten two periods since Feb--both brought on my acupuncture and without the confirmation of ovulation before either of them.  I realize it takes time, but it can definitely be frustrating when things aren't quite working as they should. Anyway, I'm happy I found this support community!

Re: Brand New to The Bump (and slightly overwhelmed)!

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    Hello! I'm new to The Bump as well. I also rarely if ever ovulate, I have PCOS. Periods twice a year... 
    I hope that you find answers soon! What a frustrating situation it can be.
    We are hoping for baby #1 too 
  • Hi @jules91688 if you haven't already, I'd recommend introducing yourself on the Newbie Intro Thread in the Trying to Get Pregnant forum. There certainly is a lot going on on The Bump, and it's nice to find a place to call "home".

    I'd also recommend that, if you wish to begin posting on the TTGP forum, to read The Ultimate TTGP Guide, it is very helpful and provides a lot of great basic information both for how the forum works as well as about trying to get pregnant as a whole.

    A lot of the ladies like to use Fertility Friend (FF) to track their cycles, and it can be very helpful in pinpointing an ovulation date when tracking cervical mucus (CM), basal base temperature (BBT), as well as ovulation predictor kits (OPKs). If you indeed aren't ovulating, then tracking with FF can help provide you and your doctor more information about what may be going on with your body, which can help you find answers more quickly and get on the road to getting KU ("knocked up" as we lovingly refer to becoming pregnant).

    Welcome and have fun! :)

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