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Genetic Screening... Yay or Nay?


Re: Genetic Screening... Yay or Nay?

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    TW** loss mentioned ***  Last year my Paneroma (NIPT) results came back with increased risk of triploidy or vanishing twin..  It was a very scary time as I prepared for the worse, I took fmla from work so that I could have CVS testing to confirm the diagnosis, a week later my CVS came back normal kareotype. Unfortunately we lost the baby at 23 weeks to a rare placental issue.

     Ironically another mom to be in our birth month club got the same results back as me on her Paneroma (increased risk vanishing twin/triploidy). She had both a CVS test and an amniocentisis done to rule out anything abnormal,  she went on to have a healthy baby. Anyway, the whole reason I shared is to let you know that they are not 100% accurate and can cause a lot of unnecessary stress and anguish if they come back high risk.   Would I test again? Yes, because imo it beats getting a diagnostic test that can risk a miscarriage. I was so afraid to get the CVS done and it was very uncomfortable.. Good luck with whatever option you choose, it's a personal decision. 

    DD angel baby 10/16 <3
    Rainbow Due 02/20/18

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    @alemarie1thanks for sharing your story, it's an interesting perspective.  I'm so sorry for your loss 23 weeks, so sad.
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    I will be a few weeks shy of 37 when my baby is born. I opted to have all genetic testing offered for the baby so that we could prepare, and if there is anything medically that needs to be done at birth the doctor is prepared for it. Yes, it is scary but statically the odds are everything will be okay. That said, I didn't get genetic testing for myself or my husband because I didn't see the benefit. If the parental testing indicates that something might be wrong (it seems to provide a lot less certainty than testing the baby does), then what could be done? Did anyone receive advice on this from their OB?
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