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Constant cramping

so I'm just over 5 weeks
im having just constant dull/achy cramping in my lower abdomen. Normal? Anyone else with me?

Re: Constant cramping

  • Cramping is a normal early pregnancy symptom. That being said consult with your doctor if you have concerns! Also this would be a perfect question for the symptoms thread  :)
  • sjn00sjn00 member
    xmasbaby15 said:
    so I'm just over 5 weeks
    im having just constant dull/achy cramping in my lower abdomen. Normal? Anyone else with me?
    My first thought would be Are you staying hydrated? My abdomen tends to cramp more when i am dehydrated or over working my body. Get in lots and lots of fluids!
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  • Yes, I echo @SaraJoy00- stay really hydrated (like more than you even want to be). I usually put tangerine juice in my water so that it's easier to drink more, plus extra electrolytes to keep you even more hydrated. 
  • I'm very early in this pregnancy but had constant cramps with my first. I found a warm (but not hot) bath would always help. Cramps are very common since your uterus is starting to stretch. Hope you get some relief! 

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    Agree with others who have commented: I'm about a week behind you, but I've been cramping since the day before I got my BFP. I also cramped consistently in first tri in exactly the way you describe (dull, constant, achy) in both of my successful pregnancies. Hope this helps alleviate any worry.  :)
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  • I'm apprehensive because I don't have cramping/achy feelings. 
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    Ugh so much of this with my first...But...I was dehydrated, not eating often enough, not staying in front of the hunger and not working out. 

    This time, I'm feeling the same symptoms but with very subdued intensity. 

    ^^weird sentence but I can't even figure out how to re say that 
  • Yes, I was getting worried that something negative was happening, but so glad you all have described what i'm feeling. although not pleasant, its a good sign of the baby growing.
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  • Eat well, stay hydrated and if you can't poop (which can also contribute to cramping) then lay off the iron
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