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Aunt Jemima recall for Listeria

in case you hadn't heard, and I know that this is from May, but we just heard about it today. 
Better safe than sorry!!


Re: Aunt Jemima recall for Listeria

  • @IrishPiratess thank you for the awareness! it is seriously so freaky that any food could be contaminated with listeria. 
    **TW - Loss Mentioned**

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  • Happy to help and spread the word! Scary that it happens with frozen stuff and not just fresh!

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  • Wowwwww. Thanks for sharing this. This is the only syrup I use. 

  • Thank you. And this is why I eat turkey lunch meat once a week still!
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  • Glad we're an Eggo household! Frozen waffles have been my go to lately!
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  • Thank you for sharing!
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    Oops. Thought this was the syrup before I clicked on the link. I'm an eggo house as well. Just bought 2 boxes yesterday. 

    Eta spelling 

  • Whew! Glad it's not the syrup, because that's the only kind we buy!
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