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Twatwaffle Tuesday - 6/27

Re: Twatwaffle Tuesday - 6/27

  • I think I post about my MIL every time I do a twatwaffle Tuesday... OOPS! 

    Her birthday was Saturday and DD and I couldn't make it to her party (I need a new muffler, we just haven't had time to fix it), but DH did. We took her and FIL out for dinner for Father's Day the previous Saturday, so it's not like she hasn't seen DD in awhile. She's insisting that we do something tomorrow because DH and my mom are both off work, which means we can borrow my mom's car (we don't fit in DH's Wrangler). She wants to get lunch at the coffee shop where my baby shower was, but it's not totally toddler friendly and it's not really a place to get lunch. It's a coffee shop with some food. The kicker? The weather tomorrow is supposed to be really bad. Severe thunderstorms all day, possibility of hail, and tornado warnings. You really want us to take DD out in that to celebrate your birthday? 

    Sidenote: So she deserves the best, but I get shit on, essentially... For my birthday this year, we met at my favorite restaurant. After an hour wait, they basically tell us they won't be able to accommodate our party (of six plus our daughter!) for another 45 minutes or so and we decide to leave. MIL then says, well if your parents are leaving, they'll be able to squeeze us in. RUDE! It was getting late, we were all cranky and hungry, and we all had an hour drive home. MIL and FIL went out to eat elsewhere, my parents got take out, and DH and I just took DD home and we picked up Qdoba on the way. 
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  • @vvitchhazel i literally just started re watching HIMYM like an hour ago today during my lunch break. Nice gif :)

    TW for me today is my sister. I hate to vent about my family because in general, I'm pretty blessed to have a great crew, but my sister can be difficult sometimes. She and I are co-MOHs for our other sister's wedding, and I have been doing 100% of the work and planning for both the shower and the bachelorette. Shower was this past weekend and bachelorette is next. Lots to do in a short amount of time, and the best my sister can offer is a weak "let me know how much I owe you for stuff" and then disappears for the actual planning and organizing. She works about 12 hours a week (I work about 55) so it's not like she doesn't have the time. She showed up late, hungover, and empty-handed to my sister's pre-shower mani/pedi party last weekend, and she was also supposed to show up early for the shower to help me set up but instead showed up when the guests arrived. Her behavior gets swept under the rug because "oh that's just how she is" so no one really expects anything different, but it's damn annoying to deal with.
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  • @vvitchhazel  Your MIL sounds way too self-centered to deal with on a regular basis.  Ugh.
    @peachy13  That sounds tremendously annoying.

    My TW is my local post office.  I'm impatiently waiting for the arrival of baby chickens that were overnighted to me  via the Post Office (non-country folk: mailing day-old chicks is a fairly standard thing, it's okay).  Our local post office is notoriously a bit slow about things.  Usually, that's fine, but it just doesn't fly with me when my baby birds are stuck in a box.  They close at 5pm.  I might just stop in at 4:50 to see if a chirping box is waiting for me. Hmmmm.

  • @peachy13 bridal party shit is the worsttttttttttttttttt.

    my TW is someone in admin at my gyno office. i just talked to my insurance to figure out why my latest labwork wasn't covered, and they said bc my doctor sent it (it, meaning my last pee cup i guess - which they told me to do on a whim when my bladder was too full for my U/S) to a private lab instead of the one lab company covered in my state.
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  • My TW Tuesday is pretty much everyone that I interact with from the second I leave my house till the second I get back through the door! Somedays I just feel like everyone in the world must have like jell-o for brains!

    I know, I know, it's actually me and my hormones that are making me feel extra flabbergasted by people's stupidity. But sheeeeesh. 

    Anyone else relating to feeling all around edgy? Hormonal? Frustrated? Like everyone you deal with is like painfully not-intellectually-inclined? Tell me I'm not alone TB fam!?!?
  • kyrwynkyrwyn member
    @barrbaby-2 I've been having a serious case of the grumps for the past week and a half. You are most certainly not alone. 
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  • @barrbaby-2 You are certainly not alone. I feel like everyone I work with is an IDIOT and I have no patience for any of their BS. Like, quiet rage at my desk all day. Then I get home and I'm perfectly calm.
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  • @vvitchhazel love the gif. Hubby and I are rewatching HIMYM right now. 
    @peachy13  bridal party stuff is no fun to deal with sometimes. I hope the party and wedding go smoothly and you get to enjoy yourself! 

    Can I TW myself? Today I took DD to the park. I was up on a play structure with her and when we were walking down, I somehow missed the last step and fell right to the ground. I didn't drop her and she didn't even cry, but all the other moms came running over to me and it was quite embarrassing.

    Called Ob, they aren't concerned because i landed on my butt/foot and I'm only 14 weeks so baby is quite protected in there. However, I'm 95% sure my ankle is sprained or something as it's all swollen and I can barely walk. Dh had to come pick us up from the park because I couldn't drive.  So now I'm parenting a one year old while not being able to put any weight on my right foot. Apparently pregnancy has made me clumsy. 
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  • ChelK3ChelK3 member
    @Amber_Waves I'd be pissed, that's a pretty important/time sensitive package!
    @barrbaby-2  same.
     My TW is more like a wtf, Paul?? This older gentlemen decided to take a bite out of several pasteries from our pastry case at work, AND THEN PUT THEM BACK!!! Then took a stroll through the bulk isle pulling down all the handles to bins and eating handfulls as they spill all over the place. Then, doesn't even buy anything. Instead, he asks to return a box of cookies that he IS CURRENTLY EATING because he said they were "hard as a rock". So my manager confronts this guy and he goes "fuck you, I don't live here anyway." Who does that shit? Seriously. Working in retail is constantly making me loose all faith in humanity! These people are animals!! 
  • @kaylawing  I was super clumsy with my first. I remember falling flat on my face in a parking lot and taking like 10 minutes to peel myself off the ground and hobble to my car.  Baby can really throw off your balance.  Take care of yourself!

  • @ChelK3

    How do people do that? I would be afraid to get the cops called on me--that's stealing. 

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