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  • @pebbledam Your pics are beautiful!
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    TTC #1: 9/2016

    BFP #1: 11/26/2016 - MC: 12/6/2016
    BFP #2: 3/9/2017 - CP: 3/10/2017
    08/2017: DH's SA = normal
    08/2017: Low progesterone (4.6) all other BW normal
    11/2017: HSG Clear; Pelvic Ultrasound Normal; and AMH, FSH, and Estradiol normal
    12/2017: 1,000mg Metformin
    12/2017: 50mg Clomid + TI = BFN
    01/2018: 100mg Clomid + TI = BFN
    01/2018: RE Consult
    03/2018: 5mg Letrozole + 50 units Gonal-F + 500 μg Ovidrel + IUI = BFP #3: 4/1/2018 - CP: 4/4/2018
    04/2018: 5mg Letrozole + Gonal-F + Ovidrel + IUI = BFP #4: 5/2/18
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  • @pebbledam Gorgeous! I got married in CO too. My ILs live near Georgetown, that first pic of the view on I-70 looks verrrrry familiar. Where did you get hitched?
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  • @pebbledam I love that you eloped in Colorado! Those photos are beautiful!

    Me: 28   H:30
    TTC #1 Since 5/17
    BFP 7/14/17 - CP
    RE Dx: MFI, Unilateral Tubal Blockage
    12/17 - Clomid + TI
    BFP 12/22/17 - EDD 9/3/18
  • pebbledampebbledam
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    @looeze - That first pic is leaving Denver going West on I-70! We actually picked up our marriage license in Georgetown! We exchanged vows in Vail!

    Eta for clarity
    Me: 29 | DH: 29
    Married 12/2016
    DSS born 01/2016
    TTC since 01/2017
    Letrozole + TI = BFP 01/30/2018 | EDD 10/11/2018
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  • @pebbledam @vflux33 The only thing holding me back from smoking weed is not knowing how to buy it, too! I'm a bit different and have actually never done it and want to before I have a child, because I feel like trying to find a way to smoke weed with a child is a little irresponsible, IMO.

    I want to point out, even regular usage of marijuana during pregnancy has shown to have no adverse affects on the baby. Not telling people to do it! But it's probably one of the safest drugs/substances you could ever do while pregnant. Even safer than some medication.

    **major TW**

    I've worked in child welfare and have seen a lot of moms using different drugs, and at this point, marijuana is illegal in our state and we still hardly care, it's a slap on the wrist.

  • @peebledam <3 the photos!!! Absolutely beautiful :) were you freezing your buns off in the 2nd photo? 

    LO arrived 11/9/2018!  We have a baby!
    Me: 31 | DH: 39
    Married: March 2016
    TTC #1/IUD out January 2017
    PCOS dx January 2018
    Medicated cycle 2.5mg Letrozole CD3-7 February 2018
    BFP 3/10/2018!!!! 16DPO Beta 1: 732 | 18DPO Beta 2: 1278

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  • Re: pot- I smoked a ton in HS and some in college and, as an adult in my 30's, it has totally lost it's allure to me. I just don't understand grown adults who want to smoke for fun or people who really want to try it because they think it will be awesome. Objectively, it seems juvenile to me. (FFSC?) Hopefully that doesn't sound too snotty (it probably does), but I'm just being honest. TBH, it's not that awesome. There are other things in life that are way more awesome and worthy to put on your "must do" list.
    I do think that it has a lot of medicinal applications that are being ignored in the mainstream world because of pot's stigma as an illegal drug in most states though, which is a shame. Specifically, there is a shit ton of literature on the use of CBD as a treatment for seizures, yet most patients are stuck flip flopping between other seizure meds that don't work as well. Chemo patients should totally have access to pot in all states in whatever form they choose, because chemo is nasty AF. Traditionally available pharmaceuticals just don't do enough to combat the misery that chemo patients are forced to endure, IMO. I just don't see the point of withholding it from people as a medical treatment when we know that it works better than anything else for certain things. 
    TL;DR Recreational pot- meh. Medicinal pot- yeah.
  • @pebbledam That view of the mountains when we're leaving Denver for west always takes my breath away, no matter how many times I saw it. We have a wedding picture that looks damn near like yours with the creek, only ours was in the summer. I had to do a double take to make sure it wasn't the same place (which would be weird, since ours was on my ILs' land). 
  • I've never enjoyed being social after smoking weed, but I do love a good smoke, eat some food, fall asleep by myself routine. Best sleeping aid of all time. Also I hate smoking it. In Amsterdam they had this delicious pound cake. Much better. Eat the pound cake, eat some pie, sleep for 11 hours. DH and I also don't know where to buy it here tho. Excited for when ca gets their dispensary game up for recreational. 

    Also re parents smoking weed, it's definitely not worse than a glass of wine. My dad smoked weed my entire childhood, but I never saw him have a glass of any alcohol, and he never smoked around me so I was 12 when I figured it out (identified the smell in his office, which was detached from the house). I still didn't smoke until college, and I think I was more responsible with alcohol because my parents never drank. 
    Me: 30 // DH: 30
    TTC #1: July 2016
    BFP - Sept 2016 // MC - Sept 2016
    TTC #1 (version 2.0): May 2017
    BFP - Sept 2017 // EDD - June 2, 2018 // DD born June 6, 2018
  • Yeah I just spent the night with a bunch of drunk and belligerent Tool fans. I WISH some of them had just smoked a little weed instead. 

    @kbamomma33 YGPM
    Me: 34 H: 37
    Dating: 2003 Married: 2010
    TTC #1: Started April 2016
    Dx: Unexplained Infertility  Dx: NIR PCOS
    Twin boys born by unplanned c section 2/22/18

  • @kiki75 my sister does that to everyone! She's so creepy. Hehe. But sometimes I call her because I know she'll look a person up and then I don't have to. 

    @50Wife, @vflux33 thanks. I am going to do better.

    @pebbledam your wedding pictures are absolutely gorgeous!
  • Well said @Redpuma119 ; <3
    Me: 34 H: 37
    Dating: 2003 Married: 2010
    TTC #1: Started April 2016
    Dx: Unexplained Infertility  Dx: NIR PCOS
    Twin boys born by unplanned c section 2/22/18

  • @kbamomma33 I read your original comment as, "thinking weed is cool or unique is juvenile" (as opposed to just a thing some people enjoy, like wine) which I actually agree with. You didn't come off as superior to me at all, Elsa. ;) but obvs I don't speak for everyone. 
    Me: 30 // DH: 30
    TTC #1: July 2016
    BFP - Sept 2016 // MC - Sept 2016
    TTC #1 (version 2.0): May 2017
    BFP - Sept 2017 // EDD - June 2, 2018 // DD born June 6, 2018
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