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How to Get Ride of Food Aversions?


Apparently I posted in the wrong spot. I'm not a lurker and hate lurking. It doesn't answer my questions. I also, apparently found the wrong community to try and join. So, sorry for the interruption to your normal programming. I'll disappear now.

Re: How to Get Ride of Food Aversions?

  • Hi.

    Okay on intro thread. I actually tried Google and no luck.
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  • However, I do want to offer legitimate advice and say if your LP is "religiously" 8-10 days that is on the shorter side and I would mention it to your doctor.

  • Did that, too. To 3 different doctors - 1 infertility doctor, and 2 OB/GYNs. None of them thought it was an issue.
  • Hi @mystic_timelord84, welcome! This board is a little different than others, so we try to keep the one off posts to a minimum to reduce board clutter. You can imagine that with a board like this sometimes people only stay a month but sometimes they stay years, and for those that have been around a long time it's annoying to answer the same questions over and over throughout the months/years without the person introducing themselves and getting a sense of the board culture via lurking first. So, intro on the newbie thread, jump into WTO/TWW (based on where you are in your cycle), and lurk lurk lurk. We're a fun bunch, I swear, and the organization will make sense once you've jumped in, I promise. 

    As for your questions, if you're turning negative pregnancy tests, you're not KU from what you've said re: your cycle. I think the food cravings are in your head. Food cravings can happen just part of your cycle. Shrug. Like @charlestonchew  said, an 8-10 LP is in the short range, and you should talk to your doctor about it if you haven't already. 

    You might want to add a TW (trigger warning) in the first part of your post, by the way, since you mention a loss. 
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