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TW Tuesday 6/20

Who is being a twatwaffle?


Re: TW Tuesday 6/20

  • @jena333-2

    :( i sowwie. That just seems so frustrating. You told us before that you're homies with the cafeteria people right? (might be getting you confused with someone else), maybe you can let them know what you're up against and they may help you out? 

  • @jena333-2 I am so sorry you have to deal with it. I need to get my 3 hr done this week and I am a little nervous. And for really all the reasons you just stated! I am a huge B when it comes to my food so this is creating a lot of uneeded anxiety for me. Stay strong mama! You can do this and vent to us for the next few months! 
  • Sorry @jena333-2
    It will definitely get easier, and it's not forever. Changing habits is always hard. 

    Today's TW is Clothes Mentor. After major nesting and purging closets this weekend, I have tons of stuff to get rid of. I have a lot of clothes that have been worn once, or never worn, so I figured I'd try to get some $ for them. Clothes Mentor gave me a whopping $7 for two pairs of shoes and didn't take any of the clothes, including stuff from Old Navy, Banana Republic, and Stitch Fix with tags still on. Oh well. It'll all go to charity now, because I just want it out of my house! 
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  • @jena333-2 I'm sorry. You shouldn't feel bad about having to be on a special diet. Sure people may not have done those diets and additional monitoring decades ago, but their infant mortality rate was also a whole lot higher than what it is now. You got this!

    My TW is my BP. It's fine half the time, and then randomly will go crazy for no apparent reason. Why can't it just stay low like I am normally when not pregnant!?!
  • Ugh my FIL is the winner this week! He is mad because my God Mother bought us a new car seat and he thinks we should return it for the money and take a used one from some stranger atbhis church.  I have tried to explain the safety implications and how I'm not comfortable with it but legit ANYTHING other than a safety device would be fine. He told us that we are being ungrateful and need to learn to accept help. We are tight on money but we aren't that broke. Besides he is normally too busy with his new family to remember he has a son, he only ever swoops in when he wants to give a lecture on something he has no right to step in on since my husband was 5.

    @jena333-2 im sorry :( it does feel frustrating and disheartening to feel like everyone around you is having easier pregnancies than you are. 
  • @jena333-2 I fully understand. We had tacos at lunch today and I asked for no rice or corn than ate it out of its shell with a fork. Some lady walked by and gave me an odd look. She can be my TW Tuesday. I wanted to yell "B you think I want to eat my lunch this way!"It is for sure a life adjustment!
  • labby18 said:
    my mother in law. So for DH's family we sent e-card announcements that we are "expecting" a girl due September 17th. Super cute and all. She provided me the email list, I had it appear sent from her, it has a link to baby registry (DH's family lives on the other side of the country from us, so baby shower invites would be inappropriate). She keeps texting me, oh can you send it to this person too? oh and this person. For example...she had her sister's email on there, THEN texts me "Oh she never checks her email, send it to DH's cousin"...why dont you just tell your sister to check her email? I just can't. His cousin is our friend on FB & Insta and is well aware of the pregnancy, it's meant to be sent to the adulting family members...I have begun ignoring her texts. 
    My MIL shower experience has been a minor annoyance compared to this but I had similar frustrating moments when she kept telling me what info to add to the Google spreadsheet that she had access to and could have added herself!

    @jena333-2 I'm so sorry you're struggling with this new GD diagnosis. Just remember it's temporary and you're 100% going to outsmart it and have a healthy baby! 
  • @jena333-2 You can do it :) So if you're eating every 2 hours, just check before you eat each time. The subsequent checks are your post-meal checks and pre-meal checks at the same time. If you have any questions about particular foods and how they'll respond with your blood sugars in general, just ask me :)

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  • @MrsVP614 thanks :) at this point we don't really care if he understands anymore, he wants to come over tonight so we will see what that is about but he says he just wants to help out the blinds and curtains up. 
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