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My forts miscarrage

hello everybody I though I write here to get some support. I just got a miscarrage last week. I went for sonogram at 7 weeks and only gestional sack and yolk was there ... no sign of fetal pole. My doctor said miscarrage and of course after day I started the bleeding and all the process and I was at work . So sad... I really wanted this baby and planned with my husbund after I found out I was pregnant I went to a spa for a bachelorette party didn't feel like saying no to a friend and after that day all the weeks before the sonogram I had panick a attacks thinking I could have cause birth difect to my baby. I don't know what got into me but I was so stress and couldn't sleep . I couldn't wait for the 7th week to come so I could see a baby in there and finally relax ... instead miscarrage. Now I think I gave myself a miscarrage and I caused it being so anxious. I will never forgive myself and I feel terrible . I don't know what to do and I need some support . 

Re: My forts miscarrage

  • Going to a spa did not cause your miscarriage. So please please don't blame yourself. Most of us do blame ourselves so it is a natural reaction. Miscarriages are common and most of the time they are because of chromosomal issues, which is something out of your control. Take care of yourself instead of blaming. So sorry for your loss.
  • So sorry for your loss. You did not cause your miscarriage. It is totally natural to feel responsible  but you did nothing wrong. Try to take care of yourself, let YH support and care for you. 
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