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Weekly Symptoms Thread: 6/17-6/23


Re: Weekly Symptoms Thread: 6/17-6/23

  • I've never had a good sense of smell and was kind of hoping I might get upgraded to a "normal" person's smell sense lol didn't work out but after hearing some of your stories I'm kind of glad!

    Im starting to feel a...fullness I guess... in my lower stomach. I'm assuming it's the uterus expanding. It's an odd feeling. Light intermittent cramping has started again after being gone for a couple weeks. 

    I also think I have narrowed down what caused me to be so sick a couple days ago. My key lime pie :( I think because of the dairy in it. Everyone else has been fine, but every time I eat it I get cramps and don't feel good at all. 
  • KLake42  this nausea business...maybe this is real life now? Sometimes can't even look at food. 
    First timer! 
    BFP: May 6, 2017 EDD: Jan. 13, 2018
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