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Since it is around that time now, for those of you ladies have a baby-q, baby shower, sprinkle, or what not in the works, what are you planning to do? Have you set dates or reserved venues yet? Or have you already had a shower? Any special themes in mind? Feel free to post pics / share your inspirations!

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  • With DS, we had my showers (one for each both my and DH's side, since they were not close together, location-wise) around 30 and 36w.  The 36w one was hard for me, because we had to drive 3h to get there, and it was just a lot physically.  I recommend it earlier if you can do it!  DS' room had a woodland creatures theme, so we got a lot of adorable fox outfits, and used the woodland creatures type stuff for one of the showers.  

    For this LO, we're planning on having a BBQ with immediate family and really close friends in the next month or so.  No planned gifts, registry, etc, just to celebrate and have a good time together.  
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  • @Rhubarb7216 umm that sounds like the most amazing baby shower ever! Holy moly cow! I may be a little jealous! Lol 
  • @jena333-2 the invites turned out really cute and your shower sounds like a super fun celebration. 

    @Rhubarb7216 love your non traditional shower, too.
  • This is the invite for the one my mom's family is doing on July 8. It's turned into a bit of drama and my mom is barely speaking to me (because I was upset that she invited about 30 people that I don't know without asking or telling me). But, I'm excited to see family and I am so grateful my aunts and cousin put this together. There will apparently be a ton of delicious food. Probably decorations matching the invite. We have a bit of a dog and sports theme in the nursery, so it works great for me.

    SIL is doing a local shower Aug 5 for DH's family and our local friends. It's more of a BBQ type thing. I made it clear that I don't like games, so there won't be any of that. She was talking about doing snow cones.

    I'm pretty sure they are also doing something at work. Probably less gifts and more just an excuse to hang out for an hour or so and eat cake. 


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  • @bridge-and-wall my shower will be August 5 too!
    @jena333-2 I love your invitations!

    My shower is book-themed (I believe Curious George will be making an appearance on the cake) and I am very excited for it. Invitations should be going out this week. It will be brunch (11:30 start time) at my mother-in-law's house. She and my mother are hosting together per my request. My own mom has made some drama about it--wanted it to be later in August, has complained about the time of day, and earlier lodged a complaint about cost when we were looking at restaurants as possible venues. I am just hoping she behaves and doesn't embarrass me--there is precedent for this. I will not be surprised if she makes comments about my size or something else negative.

    My colleagues at school threw me a lovely shower on Monday since it was our last department meeting of the school year. I wasn't surprised that it happened given the timing, but I was really touched by the thoughtfulness and generosity. I got even more excited for the real deal!  
  • We are doing a BBQ with friends and family at our house in July. There will be horseshoes and skeet shooting for the guys to enjoy. It will be a low key, hang out with friends sort of thing. I assume my coworkers are planning to throw me a "surprise" baby shower sort of thing. I overheard them discussing it at work the other day. My former colleagues at the company I left last year asked if they could do a little girl's breakfast / baby shower. 

  • My shower is July 9, and is mermaid themed. My mom is doing most of the planning, with my two best friends helping. I did make the invitations, though, lol. 
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  • We're having two, both at the end of July. One will be a traditional style ish baby shower one of my friends wanted to throw. We are just starting the actual planning as she went on vacation to Italy for two weeks and did not have time before.
    The other is a baby-q, for our closer friends, family and DH's friends. His best friend's fiance is throwing it. I honestly think it will be closer to a regular shower with games and such than the first one because my friend knows and respects that I hate them and the other girl... Doesn't. She knows, but thinks we'll have fun with it anyway. Eh. It will be okay. And there we'll be food. DH wants a keg which I'm 110% against but also suspect will appear.
  • We're lucking out and have 3 showers in a row in July. (I'll be 32, 33, and 34 weeks) 
    My first will be a shower with ladies from work. 
    Our second is my aunt and uncle hosting a family shower, with men included. It'll basically be a nice, casual party at their house with our closest family and friends. I'm so glad DH is getting to be included! 
    Our third will be a small shower with DH's family. He's from a small town about 2 hours from where we live and a lot of his family doesn't like to travel, so we're going to them. 
    As a FTM, I'm so grateful to have everyone's support and be able to celebrate with as many people as possible. 
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  • My shower isn't until my 35th week (lots of scheduling issues). My two BFFs are throwing it at my dad's house. I'm in the dark about the details, but I'm fairly certain the theme will involve Disney princesses!
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  • @Sugargirl1019 I think having it at your house is fine!  Sounds really convenient to not have to lug all your gifts home.

    Mine is on 7/29.  I'll be 35 weeks, so I just hope I'm not too uncomfortable at that point.  Three girlfriends are hosting at one of their homes.  

    I also assume there will be one at work, not sure though.  We'll see. 
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  • Your showers all sound like they will be amazing and lots of fun. 

    I will not be having a shower. I am kinda bummed as my shower for my twins was in my hospital room. :( It was cool and memorable though. 
  • Three of my friends are throwing me a shower in august. I have no idea if they have a theme or where it will be at yet. 
  • Just got confirmation last night that mine will be 8/ I will be 35 and a half weeks!   So many scheduling conflicts but at least my mom is probably going to be able to fly down to be with us!
  • My mom's friend is throwing me a shower in my hometown (for my mom's friends, essentially! haha)  It's on 7/15 & I'll be 30 weeks.  I have to fly down there, so wanted it to be earlier than later, and I should be adorably pregnant at that point   o:) My work tends to throw small showers and then I've told my girlfriends I'd prefer to do a "sip and see" after baby arrives.
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  • My MIL and my mom are throwing me a baby shower August 19 I'll be 34 weeks then :) I am so excited and cant wait. It is at one of my favorite restaurants.
  • No shower for me (STM) but my group at work went out for a celebratory lunch yesterday for the one guy's wedding which is coming up. They also had gifts for me and another woman who is pregnant which was a surprise! So nice and thoughtful!
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