Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

Just joined. My miscarriage experiece. Warning-Graphic

Warning.  Graphic.

About a week ago, at my OB appointment, I found out that i had a missed miscarriage. The doctor said i should have a D&C but i put it off waiting for my husband to fly in from 2000 miles away to take care of our toddler. 

I had a gush late Wed night but it showed down to almost nothing. People said it would be like a period but it wasn't. Then about 1250pm yesterday (Thurs) I felt a pop and when i stood up i could feel stuff pouring out of me. I was scared but thought it was normal until a friend said it wasn't and to go to the hospital. I called 911 and the EMTs came and picked me up.

The ER PA did a ghetto D&C thing in the ER. Bleeding seemed like it got a lot worse after that, constant instead of in waves with contractions.

OB Dr came down shortly after and said she was going to check me to see if i would need a D&C and started to go over other options. I made sure to tell her i was still nursing B and needed whatever we did to be compatible. 

While she was talking, I started to get hot, felt nauseated, my vision went weird, and i felt dizzy. I said i didn't feel good and that was it. That was scary. I woke up but couldn't open my eyes. I could hear them. The nurse said i was crumping. The nurse was complaining about what the ER guy did. They did another IV but couldn't get the tape to suck because my hands were soaked. She said my lips were white and heart rate went down to 40. 

When i finally came to, they asked me for consent for surgery and wheeled me upstairs for an emergency D&C. It went quick once that happened. 

They drew blood after surgery and i was at 7 and 22.3. My blood pressure went up to 105/60. They kept me overnight and just came back to do labs. If the numbers don't go up i might need a transfusion and would have to stay even longer. 

The Dr said that the baby was pretty big for a natural miscarriage, at 8w4d. And my dumb body was too stupid to figure things out so it was like an almost 14 week miscarriage (dumb/stupid my angry words not hers) So more dangerous done at home. She said they have to send everything to pathology for testing but we'll see if i can get anything to take home.

I'm still really pale but I'm not dizzy so not sure what will happen. I almost didn't call 911 but i don't know that i would be here if i hadn't.
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