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When will the cramping and bleeding stop?

I miscarried on the 11th, today is the 16th. 
The bleeding and the cramping is slowly getting less intense, but seems like it's just never going to stop. I can feel nothing for hours and then suddenly have terrible cramps that make it impossible to function for 2-10 minutes. I'm changing a pad several times a day. I just want this to stop! My original OB appointment was scheduled for today (original as in when I was expecting, it was going to be my 1st appointment for u/s and bloodwork all that fun stuff) but they've changed it to a post miscarriage appointment and it's not til the 27th.. so I have to wait!! To get to ask any questions, to get any sense of how or why or anything.  Ugh. This is my 2nd MC, but my 1st MC that has been monitored. 1st MC last June I dealt with on my own, I wasn't TTC or ready to at the time so it wasn't something I was prepared to acknowledge.. I don't remember that one being this long and painful. 
Day 5, no end in sight. I just want to be able to connect with my DH the best way we know how, having sex. & I want to start TTC again. I'm lost. 

Re: When will the cramping and bleeding stop?

  • 10 days from the start of the miscarriage. I basically spotted/ bled for 3 weeks straight. 
    I don't know what your ob said but I waited till I had my follow up to dtd again. S/he may want to do a follow up us to check to see if everything is out and check lining. 
  • I didn't have a post MC visit until two weeks after my MC. I bled heavily for a solid 8 days or so and then continued to bleed until day 12 so it sounds normal to me. I think it is more important you watch for a fever that would suggest you retained tissue. I asked about why I was still cramping too and the nurse said that cramping happens as you are healing. You do just get sooo tired of seeing all that blood though. 
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  • Thank you ladies for your input, it's good to know that this isn't abnormal. No fever or any signs of so far! Just painful cramps and lots of blood. 
  • I had a D&C on June 5, I didn't have any cramping at all, but had bleeding and still have red/brown coloured blood today(11 days later).

    sorry you've joined this board. 
  • I am so sorry for your loss!  I miscarried at almost 6 weeks on 5/18.  Bled for about 11 days (ended with spotting).  Cramping on the first 2 or 3 so I took my GYN's recommended amount of Tylenol so I would not have to deal with the physical pain as well.  I took myself to the ER on day one because I was concerned about ectopic pregnancy.  No ectopic.  GYN checked my hCG levels for a few days to be sure it went back down to zero.  No formal office visit and I have the clear to start trying right after this cycle ends.  The process can be so different for each person and each pregnancy...it's frustrating!
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  • MeggsMMeggsM member
    I'm two weeks today and still bleeding. I had an appt yesterday and Dr still found retained tissue hence why i'm still bleeding. 

    I'm waiting on bloodwork to decide what to do next, but no sex for me until this is over. 

    I also didn't realize it took this long. Ugh. 
    Hang in there. So sorry we're all going through this. 

  • Sorry for your loss. Lost my first July 22nd. Had what I can only imagine are contraction like pains for the first day and they were steady and consistent about every two minutes. 
    After that I had cramps slightly worse than that of menstrual cramps. I bled for roughly 14 days with the tail end of it spotting. Best of luck to you.  <3
  • I bled for 3 weeks after a loss and the doctor wanted me to come in if it didn't stop- sure enough there was still tissue that was causing bleeding to continue. He cleared it out (by hand, kinda weird), then it stopped. It does take a while to stop bleeding. If you have cramps for more than a week id call for sure. Bleeding lasts a couple weeks unfortunately. Sorry for your loss!
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