Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

Talk about being kicked while you're down.. MC #2 two days ago

The mother of my husband's daughter is literally the most evil creature I've come into contact with. She said this because last week we asked if we could have baby girl this weekend even though it's maddys weekend. Then after my miscarriage (TWO DAYS AGO) we asked if she'd just keep her since it's legally her weekend and obviously we're having a hard time. So she sends this to my husband. Maddy Atkinson. Fucking pill head drug addict bitch. Barley even a year ago got her daughter taken from her for being a tweaker. My husband had full custody but broke the rules and let her see their daughter. Then when they got split custody again he gave her money, paid her bills, took care of them even though he had NO obligation to care for maddy just his daughter. Now We have a legal parenting plan and times in place and he legally pays child support. YES bitch we're poor. We have no money because you take it all!!! How does she get paid child support? Because a month before they went to mediation to make the plan of time she barley worked so it looks like we make more money. Yet she just addmited to us she worked 6 days a week sometimes and makes more hourly than we do.
My name is Deanna.. She knows this. On purpose whenever she texts me or my DH she spells my name wrong. 

Re: Talk about being kicked while you're down.. MC #2 two days ago

  • I am so sorry you are going through this @deannaarp. As much as possible try not to get involved in the drama this woman creates. I'm so sorry for your loss, try to surround yourself with comforting and loving people.
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