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TW/Trophy Tuesday 6/13

What's it gonna be, ladies?

Re: TW/Trophy Tuesday 6/13

  • the irony in showing Wawrinka instead of Rafa  :D 
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  • TWs to my doctor for being late this morning, traffic for being a nightmare, and the metro for being delayed. Quite a late start for me in a week with a deadline looming. 

    TWs to the mystery coworkers (it's a big office with a shared kitchen) who are STEALING FROM A PREGNANT LADY. MY MINI ICE CREAM CONES. RUDE AF. not for youuuu

    TWs to this WEATHER. dc metro area is sweltering yet humid. Every summer I ask myself why I live here. 

    Trophies? You want trophies? I don't have any yet. Well, not true... Trophies to LO for having a good HB this morning and being easy to find with the doppler. Trophies to not having the CF gene. Trophies to my NT scan results turning out great. Trophies to being one month closer to my A/S and seeing LO on the screen for a nice long ultrasound. 
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  • @anewadventure I thought the same!! 
  • @breezybee  what's for lunch? 
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  • Haha @newadventure. Hang in there!
    I don't know!  Maybe some tacos or something :)
    Its actually a beautiful day in San Francisco today (fucking finally), so maybe we'll go somewhere with an outdoor patio. 
    My food preferences change by the minute these days lol. 
    Hope your day gets better. But for reals, I would SHANK someone who stole my ice cream. Not. Cool. 
  • Can i say Mother Nature is my TW!  This heat is brutal.  So hoping the thunder storms come soon to break this ish up! 
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    Results: 2 PGS normal embryos
    Planned on August 2017 transfer
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  • kyrwynkyrwyn member
    Trophy for me! Coworker is moving house and getting rid of a bunch of gently used baby things. (They have 3 boys and we're team blue, so it's potentially a good fit.) He's going to bring them in and DH & I can have first choice on anything we want as long as we help them cart the rest to Goodwill!

    Also, work is selling off furniture and tech due to another massive layoff (sad reason).  There's a low bookcase in fire engine red I've loved for the past 4+ years that they're going to junk and my boss said that we can take for the nursery if we want it.  
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  • Trophies to my obgyn's office for hearing my worries today and getting me in tomorrow.  I feel like last time when I was pregnant (and things seriously were going wrong) no one would hear me.  I'm not sure if they have better staff now or if I'm just in 'I don't put up with that shit anymore' mode.  Either way, I'm going in tomorrow.  Yay!

    Also, a trophy for an actual productive and useful meeting at work today.  Big changes are coming and we hashed out important details.  It feels good to have control of work when my body is well beyond my control!

  • Trophy for me because I did a lot of housework today even though I feel crappy.

    But I'm also a TW because I'm just so grumpy. Everyone is bugging me today and I just want to be left alone!
  • TW to my job for not having air conditioning. the 3rd floor in 90 degree weather is a JOY. lol.
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