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Our rainbow baby!

Just wanted to let you all know our little girl, Evelyn Olivia, came on the 1st! Hard to fathom, but it's bee less than a year since we lost our sweet Hope. I know everyone's timeline for grief and healing is different, but for us I am glad that we could welcome Hopes little sister so quickly. (We didn't expect to get pregnant again so easily and she came 4 1/2 weeks early) There is definitely something different about having a baby after a loss-so much harder, but also the appreciation and joy is so much richer. I wish the best for all of you ladies- you are stronger than you think! 

Re: Our rainbow baby!

  • Congratulations! She is beautiful! 
  • Congratulations! So cute!
     Rainbow baby Savannah born 5.13.16 at 30 weeks    
    Baby Cadence born still 3.24.15 at 28 weeks 

  • Our Rainbow Baby is named Evelyn too!!!❤❤❤
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