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Monday Meal Plans 6/12

Good morning all!  

Monday- Leftover summer quash and potato curry soup with avocado toast
Tuesday- Spice Rubbed pork chops with salad and purple steamed cauliflower
Wednesday- Chicken Salads with homemade honey mustard dressing
Thursday- Grilled Sirloin Steak with asparagus
Friday- Grilled Salmon with curry quinoa and balsamic arugula salad 

Re: Monday Meal Plans 6/12

  • Monday- Chicken lettuce wraps
    Tuesday- BBQ pulled chicken sandwiches with roasted sweet potatoes
    Wednesday - Grilled pizza with chicken sausage/mushrooms
    Thursday - Fish (salmon or cod, TBD) tacos
    Friday- Date night out for dinner
  • Monday: Zucchini pasta with pancetta. Broccoli.
    Tuesday: Polenta with grilled sausages. Green salad
    Wednesday: Vegetarian Lo Mein
    Thursday: Grilled chicken with mango pilaf. Artichokes
    Friday: Out
  • @CoastalMomma  we are finally getting into summer squash season and I am so excited to be able to zoodle again! 
  • @JustBored10 That sound delicious! This recipe is actually wheat pasta, but the sauce is made out of zucchini pureed with white wine, broth, and red pepper, so it creates a mock, low cal, sneak the veggies in, alfredo. 
  • I admire how well planned y'all are.  Ground turkey tacos are about as far as my meal plans have made it this week!
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  • @ColoradoHiker we used to meal plan and it saved us so much money and time and less stress each night. Unfortunately that is one thing that we got out of when my husband's issues started. We had a dry erase calendar that was in our kitchen. I've been secretly jealous of this board for some time! Haha 
  • I feel like I almost have to meal plan or I will just go crazy at the farmers market and grocery store.  I will spend way too much and waste food or we have to make several trips during the week to get an item here and there.  It is a pain to make the grocery store trip because it is 30 minutes away.  Also, because I don't do the cooking it makes it easier for my husband to know what he has to make that night and if there is a recipe he has to follow.
  • I honestly have no idea how I would shop for the week if I didn't meal plan. I would have so much anxiety physically going to the grocery store for one thing. But, growing up I spent many a Sunday afternoon watching my mom go through her battered cookbooks planning meals for the week. It is just our family's norm. 
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