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STM - shower, sprinkle, none at all?

hi! So I still haven't found out the gender of #2, but either way we won't be doing a shower or registry, maybe a family get together, but no gift required. What are you all doing?

Re: STM - shower, sprinkle, none at all?

  • I'm doing a bunch of registries for the sole purpose of the coupons. I never shop at just one place because each store has better deals on certain items than others.
    We might have a "sip and see" after baby is born. Just because everyone in my family will want to come see the baby, and I really loathe scheduling separate times/days for everyone individually. But it will say something along the lines of "no gifts please" somewhere on the invite.
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  • KirssKirss member
    I have a registry going, to keep track of things we need, which isn't a lot, but I'm also in it for the coups.  No shower or sprinkle. 

    What's a sip and see? I haven't heard of those before. How old is baby at these things? Do you plan on taking baby to holiday parties? 
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  • atackatack member
    I hadn't a sprinkle the second time.  My mom and grandmothers insisted and it was mostly family.  So it was fine.

    This time - I have no intentions and do to want one.  We are team green-- I have a boy and girl already and have a registry for what I need replenished (bottles, some new sleepers, pacifiers, basics).  I will only do that for the coupons.

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  • @Kirss  a "sip and see" is just a fancy term for a "welcome to the world" party. Refreshments and drinks are provided, family and friends come to meet the baby and get their fill of newborn cuddles. 
    The purpose is usually to get everyone to see the baby at one time so you don't have 50 million people wanting to come at different days and times to meet the new family member.
    There's no specific age the baby needs to be for it, it's really just whenever you feel like it. But normally it's done within the first month or so.

    I do plan on taking baby to holiday gatherings, however, I'm not a big holiday party person. I'm Pagan and while Yule is a major holiday for us, Samhain (Halloween) is the biggest holiday of the year for us. 
  • What is a sprinkle?
  • @kersey0208 a sprinkle is essentially a shower. 

    Registry, yes. Completion discounts, coupons, free stuff lol. Shower/sprinkle, no. We might do a sip and see afterwards, but just for family and close friends that have made an effort to be in our lives. 

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  • I'll be doing a registry for the completion coupon. We don't really need a lot - a new pack and play, a double stroller and then maybe some small things.  I def won't be having a shower but my MIL mentioned throwing a sprinkle with my siblings - I hate being the center of attention so I would prefer nothing but I couldn't stop them from throwing me a bridal shower either when DH & I got married in January so who knows what they will do. 
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  • Apparently, I am having a sprinkle. My neighbor told me yesterday and when I called my sister to ask for advice (because I feel weird having a shower for a second child), she told me that was her plan as well.  
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  • Sip and see here. DS is only 22 months old so besides some girly things, we have what we need and can purchase the rest. My Mother keeps telling me she is throwing me a sprinkle but I just smile and graciously decline. She will get her way somehow though I'm sure. Lol.
  • We didn't have a shower for our first, and I didn't register either - and nothing is changing this time! I have a tough in-law situation so it was just easier to have less involvement. We knew what we were having but didn't tell anyone, which is also the case for Round Two. DD turns 2 the week I'm due, so maybe we'll have a get-together for her in January and people can meet the baby then. Haven't thought far ahead. Won't be attending holidays; I'm due around the 16th and went 7 days over last time so I could be in the hospital on Christmas!

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  • Probably a sprinkle. We always do some sort of get together for each baby. Mostly for food and cake. It's usually just family and if anyone brings a gift its clothes or blankets. 

    I actually haven't registered since I had my first but I probably should have.
  • I have basically no friends in the area, but I wouldn't be surprised if someone at work throws a sprinkle. We won't be doing a sip and see due to having very few friends - it won't be that many to schedule if people really want to meet the baby. Family will be here anyway for Christmas. I might register just to keep organized and get the coupons.

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  • My mom and MIL are close and both love to host so I'm sure they'll plan a small family get together. I had no idea that registry = coupons! What is your favorite store to use? 
  • I guess I'm going to do a sip and see (Didn't know there was a name)! Except we are also doing food .... I'm calling it Meet the Baby Brunch. Mostly it will just be family and a couple of friends. 
  • KirssKirss member

    Our December is pretty busy, even when I’m not even pregnant I’m pretty exhausted for the next month, I can’t see setting up a Sip and See. My side of the family is pretty smalls, and I think we’re all getting together the Saturday after Christmas so that takes care of my family. We’ll see his family probably at our nephew’s birthday party in mid-March. 

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  • @speach13 The more the merrier! So far, I'm registered at Target, BRU, BBB, and Amazon. I really don't need much, because LO is girl #2 and DD is only 17 months, but​ I just want those coupons, just in case! DH is kind of anal and wants to replace a lot of things, just because. He's kind of silly! Plus, some stores are just better for certain things. 
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  • Sip and sees really freak me out. When DD was a newborn I was so busy struggling through Breastfeeding, bad sleeping, trying to even eat, I can't imagine having to hang out with a ton of people and have them all man handling my baby. On top of all that, DD was easily overwhelmed. Hell no. We will not be doing anything with this little one. 
  • Not planning a shower or sprinkle. I doubt we'll have one, especially because our babies are so close in age, but if someone offered a sprinkle, I'd probably say ok and ask them to encourage people to only do diapers/wipes or books--small stuff. I will register for the coupons and completion discount. We need another crib, but I think we may be able to borrow one from a neighbor. We'll need a crib mattress at least, though, and some stuff for baby's room. Maybe some bottles. And I could use some dishes/sippy cups for DD, so I might put those on there for the discount as well. 

    We have a pack 'n' play with a bassinet, which baby will sleep in at first, but which we also use when we go  visit my mom for DD. I am not sure what to do--whether I should try to pick up a second used one or get a toddler sleeping bag. DD will be 16.5 months when the baby arrives, so I don't want to put her in a bed at my mom's yet; I'd rather have her on the floor. Maybe a sleeping bag with a pen around it so she can't go anywhere? I'm not really sure how we'll handle that. 

    With baby arriving so close to Christmas, we're debating whether to make the drive down for Christmas Eve and Christmas with my family. It's a 3 hour drive, with a 10 day old (probably) and a 16.5 month old, plus I will have had a c-section. Riding in cars last time made me feel sick at first, but I think I was over that by 10 days. That is when everyone would meet LO, if we did it. We'll probably play it by ear

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  • The idea of having a big party seems daunting to me too, so we will probably just see people at functions as they occur and as we are able. I say this now, but the social pressure to have a shower might shift my decision. 
  • I'm not planning on anything and a sip and see seems a little overwhelming. I wouldn't be surprised if my coworkers did something since everyone is pretty excited after following along on our journey.

    I'll definitely be registering for whatever discounts and completion codes we can get. Our son will be 7 when she's born and all our baby gear is long gone so we're starting from square one again.
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  • @vvitchhazel Awesome, good to know! 
  • lol I hope nobody tries to throw me a shower/sprinkle. I think I'd feel awkward with it being my second baby and us already having everything we need (unless it is a boy, we will need clothes). But we also recently moved away from all our family and friends so I don't think anyone will try to throw us a party, thank goodness!
  • I will be having 2 showers with this being our first we can use all the help we can get. the reason for two is location I currently live 2 hours away from where i grew up and lived most of my life. I dont want to force everyone to drive over to me so my mom is planning one shower over there with the help of my best friend. I will have a second prob. smaller shower over here where my SO family my newer friends and our coworkers are. I'm sure I'm going to be tired after all of that, but really I'm just looking forward to seeing people who want to celebrate with us. 

    And did somebody say coupons!!! Sounds great to me!!!
  • My bff offered to throw me a sprinkle and I asked if it could be a diaper party instead.  Is that not a thing anymore?  I'd much rather get a stack of diapers than a ton of clothes/items that we don't need.  I've started an amazon registry, mostly because there is a lot of new stuff since we had DD (almost 7 years ago!).  I'm not sure I'll share it with anyone but it helps me keep track of my ideas.  

  • We shall see.
    We're Jewish, and in my family we traditionally don't do baby showers or anything before a baby is safely born.

    We will most likely have a baby naming in the weeks after birth.

    I am going to need to figure out how to navigate this at work as I am sure my lovely co-workers will want to throw a shower for me.  I need to figure out if I'm comfortable with that, or ask them to please refrain until after the birth.

    We will have a baby registry, but also may not publish that until afterwards.
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    I am pretty staunchly anti-second showers. I have made my opinion fairly well-known to my family so I am not expecting anything. Should this baby be a girl, I expect my mom to go against my wishes and throw something small for close family and friends. With the exception of a second crib and mattress and maybe some new bottle nipples and pacifiers we literally have everything we need. I hate clutter so I really don't want more crap.

    Edited to clarify - I expect that my mom will, not I expect her to LOL sorry my original wording may seem a little hypocritical to my stance so I felt the need to clarify. 

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  • Very similar to @flowerpower5838 we have two kids already and everything we had for them was gender neutral and well cared for. I HATE clutter so aside from cute girl clothes (first two kids were boys), we need/want nothing. However, this is the first girl on DHs side of the family, they are insisting a sprinkle. I made them promise it be low key, family only, get together style....and I will not be sharing a registry. 
  • My bff and SIL are throwing me a shower. We have literally nothing from DS (10 yr) or DD (8yr), so we're starting from scratch. Also with twins, I expect we just need more in general. I don't foresee anyone buying our big items, like crib(s), stroller, car seats, high chairs, etc, so the thought of receiving a good chunk of the other stuff as gifts makes my wallet happy and my head spin a little less. I'm not even excited to register bc I know there is so much we need and its honestly just overwhelming!

    Note: my work threw me a surprise shower with DD (second child), nothing big, no games etc, there might have been cake? And then my closest friends took me to dinner and brought a couple gifts (clothes and receiving blankets). 
  • My sis in law is going to throw a sprinkle - but it's more of a mom's night out. No gifts, just girls getting together. I would not want a sip and see in the winter, but that's just me. We'll see family at holiday gatherings. 
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  • My sister is insisting on throwing a sprinkle for me.  I did make a registry but it is private on amazon and really just for me so I can keep track of stuff I need to get for baby #2.  If people ask what we need I will share it with them.

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  • I'm doing what @vvitchhazel is doing. Just creating a private registry for the coupons, if people ask I'll tell them I have a small one started, but we really don't need anything. I'll probably do Target because it's really the only place I shop these days. :)
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  • I'm registering for coupons. I'm sure my work will do a diaper party. 
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  • Nothing here. its not done in our circle.
  • For those doing registries, has anyone had issues setting one up if you've set up one before? I was hoping to get more coupons/samples from Amazon, but I think it will only let you set up one (which I did when preggo with DD). Hoping Target/Babies r us don't do the same!

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  • Just doing a registry this time around for the perks and a few things we need/want. And to share with those family members that ask what we need. 
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