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Not swallowing while nursing -- please help!

My son was born a month early and weighed only 5 lbs at birth, so we immediately started giving him formula and pumped colostrum/milk to help him put on weight. While at the hospital, I kept trying to nurse him, but he damaged my nipples so badly (even with a nipple shield) that I took a few days off to let them heal and never really got back into it.

I'm heading back to work soon and would love to make the middle of the night feedings quicker and easier, so I thought I'd try breastfeeding again. At first it hurt a lot (the pain has lessened somewhat), but the milk just runs down his face. I visited a lactation consultant who watched us nurse and said it looked like we were doing everything right, but when she compared his weight before nursing and after nursing, he had taken in less than one ounce in twenty minutes on both breasts. I would have to BF him nonstop in order to give him the amount he needs, and in the meantime my supply runs down his face and soaks both of us.

The LC admitted she did not have any suggestions for us and could not figure out what was going on. Has anyone else had this problem? I keep trying, but it is very discouraging.

Re: Not swallowing while nursing -- please help!

  • Did the consultant check for a tongue tie? Have you tried different positions? 

    I haven't had that happen, so I can't offer specific advice and I'm surprised the consultant couldn't offer more guidance. You might want to consider seeing another IBC lactation consultant or talk to your pediatrician. If you have the time, going to a local breastfeeding support group may put you in contact with other moms and LC's who might be able to help you. 
  • Thank you for responding!

    The LC and our pediatrician checked for a tongue tie, but both said that he didn't have one. We've tried different positions, and it seems like he prefers some instead of others, but he still isn't swallowing.  I will try to make it to a breastfeeding support group or talk to another LC -- thank you for the advice!
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