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Thursday ticker change 6/8/17

Hi ladies, happy Thursday. Hope you're all well? 

How far along are you? How big is baby? 

How are you feeling? 

Do you know the sex yet? 

Have you announced?

Upcoming appointments?   


GTKY: What's the craziest thing you've ever done

Re: Thursday ticker change 6/8/17

  • 1. 11 weeks... A lime or fig  :)

    2. Feeling fine this week, bit of cramping now and again and getting a bit of a bump now. 

    3. Don't know sex yet

    4. Announced to family and close friends but not on social media or anything like that. 

    5. My midwife is coming tomorrow to fill in all my pregnancy notes, family history etc. Got my first scan 19th June. Was meant to be next Thursday but I can't take my son so had to change the date to when he's at nursery. So can't wait, gutted I had to put the date back further lol. 

    6. Weather is awful considering it's meant to be summer here in England. Rain everyday at the moment. Depressing. Where is the sun??

    7. This is a tough question. Will have to think on this one lol. 
  • I'll post here since the other one has no responses as of yet! 

    @kate0506 The weather has been the same over here in NEW England, and I'm over it. It's supposed to finally warm up and clear up this weekend, though!

    How far along are you? How big is baby? 14 weeks. Woohoo, second tri!! Peach

    How are you feeling? Tired. Less so today actually, so maybe that's a good sign

    Do you know the sex yet? Not yet!

    Have you announced? To most family and friends. I mentioned last week that a good friend had her IVF transfer last week and I'm trying to wait to hear her (hopefully great) results to put it on FB even though she already knows. I just feel like it would spare her a modicum of heartache not to have to see my super cheery announcement. 

    Upcoming appointments? Nothing until the 22nd, and that should just be a quick HB check. 

    Rants/raves/questions? I'm fuming and stressed out right now because DH's new company (where he starts next Monday) called him up tonight and asked him to fly out Monday afternoon for training...for 2 weeks!! So I'll be home alone with a 16 month old, pregnant and exhausted, and working FT, 2-3 nights a week being until 9pm. I don't know what the hell I'm going to do!! I'm sure my mom will pick DS up from daycare and stay with him, but come onnnnn. This wasn't supposed to happen for a month or so which would have given me time to prepare. 

    GTKY: What's the craziest thing you've ever done
    I don't know you guys well enough to tell you the actual craziest thing 
    ;)   but the only other thing I can think of is that my ex and I got into a fight one day, so I drove to the airport and flew to Virginia to stay with my friend for a week on a total whim. Got 2 friends to cover me at work and just left. It was wonderful. 
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  • @kate0506 and @jellybelly119 sorry your weather is so awful. Here in PA it's been beautiful the next few days are supposed to be sunny and in the 90's which is a little hot for my taste but I'll take that over rain any day! 

    How far along are you? How big is baby? 12 weeks and the size of a plum

    How are you feeling? Pretty good. I thought my fatigue was getting better but it hit again hard today. Hoping for a burst of energy once I hit the 2nd trimester. 

    Do you know the sex yet? Not yet

    Have you announced? Family knows but we don't plan on announcing anything on Facebook until at least 20 weeks. Though I have started telling a few close friends as we see them. 

    Upcoming appointments? Just had an appointment on Tuesday so my next appointment isn't until July. 

    Rants/raves/questions? LO gave us a little scare at our appointment. The midwife couldn't find the heartbeat with the doppler. Thankfully they got me right in for an ultrasound and baby's heart was beating strong at 168. 

    GTKY: What's the craziest thing you've ever done 
    I'm pretty boring - I can't think of anything crazy at the moment. 
  • whiskawhiska member
    @kate0506 It's all good.  I posted mine then got crazy busy at work and forgot to come back!  You can't delete threads but usually a duplicate gets turned into a gif party.  Since no one's posted on mine I'll just let it fall off.

    How far along are you? How big is baby? 
    14 weeks - lemon, beet, muffin!

    How are you feeling? 
    I always felt like the 2nd trimester milestone was kind of bullshit and arbitrary, but maybe since everyone else here has been celebrating it and making a fuss I felt a bit lighter today?  Also, the first thing I did when I woke up this morning was use the doppler to find the heartbeat and that just made me feel lighter as well.  

    Do you know the sex yet? 
    Team Green

    Have you announced? 
    Told my mom Friday and then my brother and SIL on Saturday.  I ended up telling all the cousins (well, what will be LO's first cousins) first, then doing a cute reveal where they each flipped up a sign in sequence from oldest to youngest (16 down to 5).  There are 7 of them so the signs said WE ARE GETTING A NEW COUSIN [ultrasound photo].  It was so cute and my SIL squealed and did all that. It was a very sweet moment!  And I guess it felt nice to finally share that it took us two years to get here.

    Upcoming appointments? 
    Not til my next ob check-up June 30.  

    I thought I felt flutters yesterday buuuuuut I could have also been imagining it because I am so so excited to feel this LO at some point :blush:  Also my pants are getting pretty uncomfortable and I'm still in that weird in-between phase.  Oh, and I ordered my first maternity clothes today!  A dress to take bump photos in, and a pair of jean shorts for the summer.

    GTKY: What's the craziest thing you've ever done?
    I got married at 22?  It didn't feel the least bit crazy at the time but everyone acted like we were weird to get married so young.  Celebrating 10 years in a few weeks!
    Me: 36  | DH 35, Married 2007
    TTC #1 June 2015
    April 2016 - AMH, FSH, Progesterone normal
    June 2016 - HSG clear
    *TW* BFP - Aug16, demise confirmed Sep16, incomplete m/c, D&C Nov16
    BFP 3/27/17, edd 12/7/17
    DS - 12/9/17 
    TTC #2 December 2018 
    BFP 2/22/19, edd 11/4/19
    DD - 11/1/19 <3
    My Chart

  • Woops - a day late!

    How far along are you? How big is baby? 13 weeks - a lemon!

    How are you feeling? Alright - still a little tired, but hopefully I'll get some more energy back soon.

    Do you know the sex yet? Not yet - we had our 12 week scan on Tuesday and the baby kept his/her legs crossed so we couldn't even get a guess from the technician.

    Have you announced?  Sort of - we told family and are now starting to tell close friends.  We're still undecided about a big announcement like facebook.

    Upcoming appointments?   Nothing until July 3.

    Rants/raves/questions? Now that we've made it past our initial big scan and we're feeling more comfortable telling people, I've started thinking about registry stuff and it makes my head spin.  There are so many options and items and as a FTM I have no idea what I'll need or want.  Does anyone have a good go to source for all things registry?

    GTKY: What's the craziest thing you've ever done?  Well, there have been a lot of things that I blame on youthful indiscretion and that I look back on with fond memories, but none I would probably share on here.  It also terrifies me that my child could one day follow in my footsteps...

  • Posting a few days late!
    @Jellybelly119 sorry to hear that DH will be gone sooner than expected! That must be really stressful. I hope that you work things out and get the support you need while he's gone.

    How far along are you? How big is baby? 

    13 weeks - lemon!

    How are you feeling? 
    About the same--nauseous and tired. Hope that these symptoms start to fade soon as the second tri starts. I'm looking forward to enjoying eating again!

    Do you know the sex yet? 
    Nope. We decided to do the NIPT and we'll get the results within about a week. We still haven't decided whether we'll announce the sex or keep it to ourselves.

    Have you announced? 
    Not yet. We will start telling extended family and friends over the next week 

    Upcoming appointments? 
    Not until July. We had our NT scan this past Thursday, and the doctor said everything looked good! LO was still long enough for the US tech to take the measurements, and then started moving like crazy, which was so cool to see.

    I'm so over morning sickness, but I keep reminding myself that I have it better than some.
    As an FTM, I'm also with @asiegel on the baby registry. I'm planning to ask my mom friends for a list of items on their registry they ended up using, and which ones they recommend to pass on (e.g., wipe warmers). In addition to your question, I'm wondering how do people who register at multiple stores choose which stuff to add to which registry.

    GTKY: What's the craziest thing you've ever done?
    I'm pretty boring as well; I haven't done anything really crazy.
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