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UO Thursday 6/8

So what unpopular opinions do we have for today? I caused a stir last week with my hatred for unsalted butter... ha! What can we get all fired up about this week?! 


Re: UO Thursday 6/8

  • Key lime pie is gross. Really, anything key lime is gross. 


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  • Key lime pie is gross. Really, anything key lime is gross. 
    :scream: I can't.... I don't know how to.... No capisco...
  • I love Christmas! I hate the obligatory secret Santa crap the extended in-laws make everyone participate in. We going to rock the boat this year and refuse to participate (insert little girl watching the house burn gif). It's just too much to buy a gift for someone that we only see once or twice a year and don't really know what they're into. 
  • Lizlann said:
    On the theme of holiday gifts - and I don't know if this is a UO but it's something that's totally pissing me off lately - I can't handle the people who keep constantly buying gifts for DS. It's a Wednesday? Great! Have a new toy, or 5. Maybe it's because I'm a minimalist, but it drives me insane that every time we visit Grammy (MIL) she has to give him at least one new toy. I don't want all that crap in my house (so now she keeps it all at her house) and I don't want him thinking that he's constantly entitled to whatever new thing he sets his eyes on. In my attempt to respect Grammy's excitement over loving on our little dude, I did finally get to the point where I said "ok, if there's some sort of special occasion, one small gift is fine." So I shut my mouth with the basket full of toys for Easter and the bag of gifts for St. Patty's and Halloween, and even Memorial Day's USA themed crapfest of toys. But seriously, we visit Grammy at least once a week. A visit to Grammy's house is not a special occasion that warrants a new toy. And yesterday's new toy was a little golf set (along with three other toys...), which is something that I wanted to get for DS as a special birthday gift so that he and DH could have that for a bonding experience. At least my own parents have backed off and respected my request to limit the gift giving.
    I can relate to this. I had a big blow out with my mother in law about this over Easter. She always goes overboard at Christmas and steps on my toes  -- makes a stocking for DS, buys him larger gifts that we were going to purchase for him, etc. So, I had enough and finally told her about a month before Easter that I had his Easter basket "taken care of." She bought him one the past two years but I said nothing. She said OK, and I thought that was the end of it. We were at my sister in law's house (her daughter) on Easter, and I gave my son his basket. He was playing with the toys in it and she comes with a bag (think Easter basket cellophane with no basket) full of goodies. I was livid and probably said more than I should have, but I put my foot down and told her that some things were important for me to do for my son. Note this is especially because we are never at our home for holidays since we live 6 hours away from our relatives. I want something special that I can do/give to him. I can't tell you how much drama that caused within my husband's family. But, I'm glad I finally said something. 

    So, I definitely agree with @jena333-2, Christmas is not my favorite holiday either. I'm anticipating further family drama from my MIL, but also from my own family. Since my parents are divorced, it has always been a matter of stress as to where we will be spending the holiday. Add my in-laws to the mix, and we are either driving around California trying to fit everyone in in two days or someone feels left out. This year, especially with a newborn and a toddler, I am really tempted just to stay home and have them travel to us if they so choose. 

    Just typing this is stressing me out. 
  • @CoastalMomma I hear you on trying to figure out where to spend the holiday. DH's parents are divorced, his dad is on marriage #3 but DH still has an amazing relationship with wife #2 (who was his step mom growing up). We used to have MIL in one state, FIL a second state, wife #2 in a third state, and my parents in a fourth. And the only one in the same state as us was wife #2, so we spent the most time holidays with her, which always caused hurt feelings because "she's not even family." Ugggh. Now FIL is the only one in a different state, so at least we have that...

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  • lap018 said:
    I love Christmas! I hate the obligatory secret Santa crap the extended in-laws make everyone participate in. We going to rock the boat this year and refuse to participate (insert little girl watching the house burn gif). It's just too much to buy a gift for someone that we only see once or twice a year and don't really know what they're into. 
    Every time we go to a secret santa or white elephant we always give out poo-pouri lol!! (The essential oil spray you spray in the toilet before you go poo and keeps it from smelling up the room) It's always funny and honestly people want it but never want to actually buy it or ask for it 
    I bought poo-pouri for my parents as a joke. Now, when you go to their house, it is on the back of every toilet. My dad even travels with it!
  • @CoastalMomma ok so my parents are divorced but DHs are not. This is what we do and honestly it was the best decision I could have made! Easter we go to my mom's family, Thanksgiving is with my dad s, Christmas Eve we go to DHs. And Christmas we stay home! I made it VERY clear that I want to enjoy the holidays and not be stressed out and honestly we shouldn't be! My mom and grandma we're dumb about at first but I stuck to my guns and here we are 5 years later. Every one knows there holiday and deals with it. Yes this means I only see my mom's side a couple times a year but I also believe that if they want to see my kids, then come visit. Ok I'm done now. Lol
    I just hate that this is so stressful for you! Good luck!
  • Key lime pie is gross. Really, anything key lime is gross. 
    Ditto. Now there is a bar in South Florida call Old key lime house...amazing bar just not the pie haha. 

    My UO is that I very much so dislike buying all these things for Baby. It's overwhelming and I'm just not a fan of it. 

  • @tfrangul, most likely we will end up going that direction. I have the feeling it will be worse this holiday season just because everyone will want to see the new baby too. 
  • @jena33-2 I don't hate Christmas, but Thanksgiving is definitely my favorite, for similar reasons.

    @Lizlann @CoastalMomma I'm a FTM, but already stressed about this. MIL is very generous and has helped us out a lot, bought us a lot that DH wants that we don't necessarily need. He has no problem with it, but sometimes it makes me uncomfortable. I have a feeling it's going to be overkill with her first grandchild and I'll seem ungrateful when DH has no problem with it, or even encourages it.

    @msashley2010-2 I think I've only had one PB&J sandwich this entire pregnancy, and now I want another
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  • @MrsVP614 -- exactly. When DH and I first started dating, his parents took me on elaborate vacations almost every year. I always felt awkward about it, coming from a family where our most elaborate vacation was either camping or driving up to Oregon to visit my grandparents. My DH, like yours, has no problem with it because he was raised by her and pretty much lets her do her own thing. And while I don't want to create friction in their relationship by forcing him to take a side, it would be so nice if he were on mine at least once. 
  • @CoastalMomma I think it's super inappropriate for grandparents to buy all of the big items without the parents' permission. My mom buys my brother's kids all of the holiday outfits and Halloween costumes every year. Supposedly, she gets their permission first, but that would drive me nuts. One of the things I'm very excited about is choosing a Halloween costume for my son. 


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  • That is one great thing about my dad and stepmom, if there is something big that they want to get they always ask. With our financial situation this last year it has been very much appreciated! But like you ladies, I would be pissed if they just bought stuff and didn't ask. And if it was just whenever. They only buy on holidays and such.
  • I really love PB&J's for lunch. I can't get enough of them. Everyone thinks I'm crazy for willingly consuming them on a daily basis. I remember my mom offering to bring me whatever food I wanted after I delivered DD. I just asked her to make me a PB and J lol 
    I pack one every single day. PB, jelly, and nutella. I eat half and some fruit (usually strawberries or grapes) around 2, and the other half around 4. I found breaking food up like that (I eat something small from the work caf around 11:30-12) is the only way I feel comfortable doing things for the rest of the day (if I eat a normal sized lunch I just feel bloated and overfull).

    We only had one piece of bread today. I made half a PB-N-n-J. I am really sad.
  • @bridge-and-wall, good to know that I'm not alone. The in-laws act like I'm nuts for having my opinion. 
  • I eat pb&j every day for lunch :) it's da bombbb

    I like crunchy peanut butter..

    But I hate that natural stuff that needs to be refrigerated and stirred. 

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