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Weekly Randoms 6/5


Re: Weekly Randoms 6/5

  • Congrats @DarkSerendipity.  Baby Lukas is gorgeous!  So sorry for the scary delivery!  Wishing you a smooth and fast recovery.
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    My random:

    i used an electric pressure cooker for the first time and it was marvelous! Placed frozen chicken in and some salsa verde and it was ready in 25 mins!

    now I just need to figure out other recipes. This thing could be a lifesaver when baby comes.

    congrats @DarkSerendipity @mslynn2012 @KissMeImScottish!!
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  •  Congratulations to @KissMeImScottish @mslynn2012 and @DarkSerendipity on your beautiful bundles of joy!!! 
  • @KissMeImScottish - The twins are adorable and so big... for twins and for being early!!!  Best of luck to the new mommies as things start to settle down.
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  • Congrats @DarkSerendipity. Been there with the prolapsed cord and it turning into something like a scene from a show! You're very lucky it happened in the hospital. So happy baby is doing well! 
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  • I'm having a ton if contractions. At my last appointment my doctor said contractions are my body's way if telling me I'm overdoing it, so rest and drink water. But it kinda seems like I have more when I'm on the couch, and when I get up and walk around they actually stop. So I guess it's opposite day. Not sure whether I should stay on the couch or get up and try to get some work done. 
  • @AdaByron I'm the same way! I feel miserable sitting down, but never feel contractions when I'm up and walking around. 
  • @mslynn2012 congrats!! So exciting!
  • @AdaByron +1 to that. I always contract when I'm laying on the couch. Or have a full bladder from drinking too much. My uterus lives in bizzaro world. 
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  • @Xath - Congrats on your beautiful baby girl!!
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    Congratulations @Xath your baby girl is beautiful! <3 I hope you're both doing well   :)
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  • @Xath I've seen her picture quite a few times now, she is so cute ! Bless 
  • @AdaByron my husband does the same thing in stores minus the awkwardness lol.

    When we were doing our wedding registry at Bed Bath & Beyond an employee was helping us and then this random guy came and asked the employee about the different blenders (which we were standing next to). The employee was really caught off guard and didn't know what to say, but my husband jumped right in and started selling the guy on the Ninja Blender! He he also mentioned other blenders (ones his parents use, ones that don't last, blah blah). The guy was so thankful he told the employee "you guys should hire this guy! I'll buy one of these blenders just because of him!"

    He also does this when people are buying crappy pool supplies at Home Depot or anywhere else because he worked for Leslie's Pool Supply for a while lol. He strikes up conversations and then sells them better stuff haha.
  • AdaByron said:
    So I'm standing at home depot staring at a wall of light bulbs looking for the 3-way kind for the lamp in the baby's room. Some nice man who was not an employee stopped and helped me. He may have been an electrician or off-duty HD employee because he knew a lot about light bulbs. Anyway, afterward he pointed at my stomach and said "you take care of that." LOL so awkward. And then he started to walk away and turned around again and said "and make sure it goes to college!" LOL people are so weird
    @AdaByron - I agree that is a bit weird but I couldn't help but chuckle when I read that.
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