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39, ttc 11months, 1 chemical, next steps?

Hello All,

Thank you for welcoming me to this community.  My husband and I have been ttc since last summer.  We are both 39.  We had a chemical pregnancy in Feb.  All infertility tests came back normal 1 month ago.  Would you recommend taking a break from prenatals?  Should I try Clomid and IUI now or just IUI?  Doctor says to just keep trying, but, time isn't on our side...
Thank you for your thoughts and support!

Re: 39, ttc 11months, 1 chemical, next steps?

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    Also, forgot to mention that I am a childless stepmom to a 9 year old boy who I have helped raise (50/50 custody) since he was 3.  Feeling down that DH and I are having a hard time ttc.
    Thank you again and sending hugs and warm thoughts to each of you as well.
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    @Knottie1464124801 - welcome, I'm sorry for your struggle and the CP.

    I'd say keep moving forward, and work with your doctor - what does your doctor recommend with next steps. Which tests did you have? Did you have your AMH checked?

    A friend of mine is 36, but her AMH was such that they just did a couple of IUIs without clomid (they didn't want to accelerate her egg loss, basically) and then they fast-tracked to IVF.

    I think we all get down about TTC sometimes. This stuff is hard! Good luck! Don't lose hope!
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    Thank you so much for the reply @funkykey.
    I had an HSG, then blood work for -
    They did not give me an AMH number.
    We also did the SA for DH and normal.

    The doctor said we could try clomid, but warned us of the possibility of twins since we had the chemical?  My OPKs have been + every month and just started charting bbt.  I would be grateful for any healthy pregnancy, am just disheartened.  Getting feedback from people that maybe my body can't handle a pregnancy, though I am healthy and active.  Trying to "relax" and stay positive.  Agreed, isn't the easiest thing to do sometimes.  It is bittersweet to find this community, it is comforting to not be alone, yet I feel for all who are being challenged with this too, for much longer and/or with a difficult diagnosis.  

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    Ok- might be worth asking your doctor about having your AMH checked too. That's the easiest indicator of egg reserve, which is what you'll need to think about. I'd call and arrange tomorrow!

    Why do people think you couldn't handle a pregnancy? Seems like an odd concern to have- and very rude "feedback" indeed, if for no reason other than speculation about your age!

    For the most part, older mothers struggle with egg quality, not the ability to carry and bear a child. If I have any advice for you, it's to be strategic, to keep pursuing your dreams, and to ignore people who have opinions on things they don't know anything about!
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    Thank you @funkykey!  Will check in re AMH.  And I will not give up and keep tracking!  My SIL just had her baby shower.  She kept pushing (along with rest of family and friends) since last summer that my DH and I were "going to be next" every time I'd see her because she didn't think she and her husband would be able to get pregnant until the next year or so and her husband is career focused right now.  And lo and behold, they got pregnant immediately.  She made her announcement the week we had the chemical.  I am of course happy for them, but, man does it sting sometimes!  On top of 2 other friends who are also expecting this year.  Ah, isn't that how it unfolds sometimes...
    Thank you for your encouragement and wishing you the best in your journey as well!
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    @Knottie1464124801 I agree with everything Funkykey said! I had a chemical this time last year and had tests run; just wish I had gotten with an RE sooner! I'm 37 and luckily had high amh levels, but that helps to know what you're working with. I'd go ahead and start with clomid and IUI if that's an option. These kind of cycles are nice, because they monitor you a lot and give you medication afterwards to help keep everything in tact if you do fall pregnant. Best of luck to you!
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    Thank you @kristimh80!  Best wishes to you too :)
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