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Meal Plan Monday 6/5

Lets hear them ladies!  

Monday- Strip steaks on the grill with sauteed mushrooms and homemade dill potato salad
Tuesday- Whole roasted chicken in the crock pot with asparagus and salad
Wednesday- Chicken leftovers turned into chicken salad with lettuce wraps
Thursday- Lamb burgers on the grill with zucchini and curry quinoa
Friday- Grilled salmon with avocado salsa
Saturday- Out for veggie sushi!

Re: Meal Plan Monday 6/5

  • Monday- Black bean and veggie quesadillas with salad
    Tuesday - Chicken with cashews and pineapple and brown rice
    Wednesday - Grilled steak with grilled sweet potatoes and broccoli
    Thursday - Tomato basil portobello mushroom "pizzas" (i.e., portobello mushroom in place of pizza crust)
    Friday - date night out for dinner
    Saturday - TBD!

  • I'm cheating this week and paying a meal planning service. 
    Monday - roasted lemon shrimp with white beans and arugula
    Tuesday- slow cooker spring beef
    Wednesday- Spanish chicken with braised saffron veggies
    Thursday- sheet pan fish tacos
    Friday- slow cooker pork roast with leeks and peas
    Saturday- beef koobideh with roasted tomatoes and cauliflower
    Sunday- pizza
  • @Rhubarb7216 do you have a recipe for the pizzas?  They sound amazing and simple!
  • @Rhubarb7216 do you have a recipe for the pizzas?  They sound amazing and simple!
    I don't really have a recipe, but they're really easy to make. Usually I make them with some kind of meat (ground turkey, Italian pork sausage, or chicken sausage) and I brown the meat, sauté what ever veggies I want (I often use zucchini and onions), and then mix the meat and veggies with some tomato sauce to make a very chunky tomato sauce. I filll the mushroom caps with the sauce, top with mozzarella, and bake for 20-25 min at 400. I actually made them today instead of Thursday as I had planned. I did these ones a little differently. I put some tomato sauce (no meat) in the mushroom caps, then fresh tomato slices on top, then chopped basil, and then mozzarella. Cooked at same temp/time. Yum!
  • Monday: Spicy chicken and corn chowder. 
    Tuesday: Chicken, snow pea, butternut squash stir fry
    Wednesday: Spaghetti w/ ground turkey sauce
    Thursday: Polenta bake w/ mushrooms and broccolini
    Friday: Sweet and sour pork, rice, sauteed carrots
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