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Monday Bitchfest 6/5

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Re: Monday Bitchfest 6/5

  • My bitchfest this morning is that we are getting our driveway and front porch re-done, so my husband had to pull my car up into the front yard so that the worker could dig up the existing driveway. Well the guy left  and now there is a pile of rubble behind my car and I can't pull forward through the yard because there is a drainage ditch that my car cannot clear. Also there is a huge row of cement pavers (that they will be laying eventually) blocking my exit as well. So now I'm stuck inside for the forseeable future meaning I can't grocery shop or run other errands today. I know it's not terrible but it is inconvenient and I have a feeling these problems will be happening until the job is finished. I live on a narrow street with no other parking options available, and my neighbors are jerks who will come knocking on my door if anyone has so much as part of their bumper hanging over the property line. In fact I'm surprised they didn't come yell at me this morning when the huge dumptruck was taking up the entire street.
    Me: 30 DH: 28
    Married: Nov 2015

    Team Pink!
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  • My bitchfest is that my DD has a runny nose/cold , which she has given to my hubby, and he is a bigger baby than she is when it comes to being sick! I don't really have the patience to listen to him whine about it.  :p

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  • My phone broke 3 days ago and it took my husband this long to decide if we were going to switch carriers or not. Now I have to wait another 2-3 days for the stupid new phone to be in stock. I'm super irritated. 
  • NME44NME44 member
    DLD1213 said:
    peachy13 said:
    It's Act II brand for anyone wondering. I know I should just buy my own and bring it, but today I had a snack emergency. 
    Snack emergencies are no joke! I worship whatever company finally came up with the idea to make snack machines accept credit cards, because I never have cash and I've NEEDED a late afternoon Snickers bar or two in the last few weeks.
    Lol. My FIL actually works for one of those companies (the credit card on the snack machine, that is.)
  • My MBF is that the receptionist wrote down the wrong time for my OB appt this afternoon. So I showed up over an hour early and had DD there. Yeah, it was a blast. My OB wasn't even there yet so they couldn't even squeeze me in early. Fortunately, the appt only took 15 minutes, but damn! That's what I get for not double checking online.

    @stillclever17 DD will be 17 months in a week and I'm still wary about stuff in her crib. I still check on her 100 times a night. Some people are so careless and it terrifies me!

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  • @stillclever17 bah DS has slept with blankets for naps since he was probably 6 months? Or maybe younger? Never at night though. To each their own... 

    My MBF is totally ridiculous and childish but with my braces I can't chew my nails and it is KILLING ME! I'm such a hard core nail chewers and whatever, I know it's gross, but IDGAF. those little hang you bits of skin and when they Crack... if I can't chew it it irritates the SHIT out of me!
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  • mammaharveymammaharvey member
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    Had my 12 week appt this morning, and couldn't hear the heartbeat because my placenta is in front. Wahh wahh. I also didn't get any more blood work which I was hoping for, just a pap culture, that I had no idea about so my bits weren't as groomed as I'd like/at all.
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    OMG! The same thing happened to me at my 12 week! My midwife is amazing, but I had no idea I was getting a pap til she said "okay, so I'm going to have to ask you to get naked, sorry" Lol, I was semi-prepared but not nearly as groomed as I would have liked! lol
  • My late bitchfest is that I've been up all night sick.  It's 2:30'am here now and I can't sleep. Work is going to be pretty terrible tomorrow. 
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  • @Marley629 I thought about making a nausea post earlier. It's been a rough day and night last night. Hope you feel better soon! 
  • When u tell your dh a story and he says "ok." LOL reallly??
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  • My M(T)BF is that I no longer know what to have for lunch.  For a year I've lived off greek salads but I can't stomach olives or feta anymore.  And Saturday I threw up yogurt so that's out for a while.  And all the sides I used to have for lunch, like veggie straws, all sit like led in my stomach.  Everyday I'm starving at lunchtime but every single food I think of my tummy rejects.  It's annoying.

  • @DLD1213 omg I WISH we had vending machines that accepted cards. We actually had some guy from the building company come talk to us last week and was like promoting this awesome new mini mart that will have vending machines and all kinds of great snacks and drinks. Everyone was super into it until he told us that we need to get a special swipe card to buy anything, and will need to reload money onto these cards. He's like "yeah it will be awesome!" And we're like "wait so we can't use our regular debit/credit cards?" and immediately everyone was just like eh nvm I probably won't do that. UGh.
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  • @peachy13 We had that at the corporate office for my company! Was it called Avanti Market? I think you actually could just use your own card with that one, but you did get a discount for loading a certain amount onto the little card they give you. It was awesome. I moved to one of our outer branches and we don't even have an old school vending machine. It's lame.
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  • @andipandicWed121369 saaaaammme... I didn't have this problem with DS but now the second one food makes me the tiniest bit queezy I can't even think about it or I want to hurl... and I haven't even had MS. But none of my "usual" foods appeal to me these days...
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