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High Risk Check In: June


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  • Thanks @SpongeWorthy Glad to hear baby sponge gets to cook for a while longer :smile:

    No induction date set today but MFM is very concerned about continued high BP. More labs and 24 hour urine collection (yay). I'm just ready to be done  :/ DH called after leaving work today to tell me he'll be a little late coming home so he can get his hair cut and I just started sobbing on the phone. Not bc he'll be home later but bc this pregnancy and bed rest are really becoming a mind f*÷k. Next appt is Wed for an NST with the regular OB and I honestly don't know how I'm going to make it another 2 days with my sanity  :'(
  • @SpongeWorthy I am glad your dopplers looked better! I hope they continue to look good so baby sponge can cook! I'll be thinking of you tomorrow! 

    @Poppyseed72017 ugh! That has to be hard with the constant contractions and not knowing if you are coming or going! 

    @TalesOfASocialIntrovert I'll be thinking of you, Wednesday! Have they talked about induction yet? You are so close! 

    My MFM appointment was uneventful. Which is always good. BPP was 8/8 and baby is measuring almost 6lbs! Blood pressure was elevated today but came down to 156/94 after some rest. I will go in tomorrow night for cervadil (cervix softener) and then they will start Pitocin on Wednesday. Despite being a STM, I am dialated absolutely nothing and my cervix is not softened and still very long. 
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    @acstec1 They are talking induction but no date has been set. The MFM today was like, "Hey, has Dr Reg OB talked about an inducton date yet?" But Dr Reg OB has been like, "Hey, has Dr MFM set an induction date yet?". And I'm like, ok guys - one of you needs to figure this out! They would like me to make it to Wednesday but if my labs come back off, I could be induced the same day.

    As of now, I have a recheck appt set for Monday with the MFM but he doesn't think I'll actually make it that long....

    Also, good luck tomorrow and Wednesday!! So exciting to be so close :) I hope it's smooth and relatively uneventful :)
  • @TalesOfASocialIntrovert well I am hoping for you that they set a date, fairly soon, and you are able to have some relief! Here at the hospital now with the cervadil in and unlike with my daughter, it has not put me into labor. It might be a long go of it... thinking of you guys and will check in soon!
  • @acstec1 Keep us posted!! You and the rest of Team High Risk are in my thoughts tonight. 

    I had my cervix checked today and I'm "pretty soft" and 1cm dilated which is promising for an induction at the end of next week. BUT her head is still too high for my OB's liking. And any of my risk factors could be to blame (the fibroid getting in the way, my excess amniotic fluid creating a cushion, or a larger head size than my pelvis can fit due to the GD).

    Regardless of the cause, if baby girl doesn't find her way down, it will be a c-section for me. But I'm okay with that now. At this point, I think I just want her brought into this world in the safest way possible. 
  • Small update on me: Still on bed rest. My BP has been all over the place, with one appointment being normal and the next it's high. At my BP check on Monday, two doctors came in to talk with me and we're walking the fine line between being ok and having an emergency. I haven't had protein in my urine since the 24-hour (which is what diagnosed me, along with the BP and headaches). I have a regularly-scheduled appointment tomorrow morning and I was told that we WILL be scheduling an induction for next week as I continue to be closed up tight.

    I have good days and bad days now where I can only exist in a horizontal position or being up and moving around a bit does nothing. I will admit that I am sick of not being able to do anything for myself. I really want to cook a meal or take the dogs for a walk. I think I'm just...done.
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  • @lanie1000 well that is good you are somewhat soft and dialated 1cm! I'm sorry baby is still far up though. It sounds like you are in really good hands, so whether it is vaginal or c-section, the most important thing is baby gets here healthy! Thinking of you! It's almost time! 

    @star_beagle Thinking of you! Hopefully they give you an inductions date soon! You are passed 38 weeks right? I would think they wouldn't want to wait till an emergent situation. Hoping it goes well tomorrow! 

    @SpongeWorthy how was your appt yesterday? Any change?

    small update: I need ANOTHER round of cervadil... the one from last night only dialated me to 1cm and my cervix is still very high. So here's to hoping this one softens and works. 
  • @acstec1 - I'll be 38 weeks on Saturday. (This alone makes me do the OMG face.) I met the doctors first goal of 37 weeks and the MFM the office consults with said that myself and baby should be ok if we go in the next 10 days (up to 39 weeks).
    Married: 10/13/2013
    TTC #1: Mirena removed 5/26/2015; DH - normal SA, me - diagnosed with PCOS 8/4/2016 - on Metformin; BFP - 10/29/2016!!!, EDD - 7/8/2017; DD born 6/29/2017
  • Baby Bodhi decided he was ready to meet us all and was born via c-section on 6/20 at 3:49 PM weighing 2 lbs 10 oz.  He has a lot of issues so far, but he is a little fighter and is handling them all with grace.  In addition to the prematurity, small size, and cardiac defect, he also has a cleft palate genetalia issues, and some breathing issues due to having a recessed chin.  We have a very large care team working with us (neonatology, cardiology, urology, genetics, plastic surgery, and I'm sure more that I'm forgetting at the moment) and we are gathering as much information as we can right now.  While bonding has been hard with my c-section recovery and him being in the NICU, we are very much in love already.  I hope everyone else is doing well!
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  • Aww...welcome to the world baby Bodhi! 

    @spongeworthy I hope you both have speedy recoveries. It sounds like baby boy has a great team and a courageous spirit! Sending you and the family lots of love.
  • @acstec1 congratulations and welcome Sophia Jane! I'm so happy to hear she's doing well and hope the magnesium helps lower your blood pressure soon. 
  • @SpongeWorthy how are you and baby Bodhi doing?

    Thinking of all you ladies  <3
  • @SpongeWorthy So glad to hear you're recovering well and that Bodhi is making such strides! Keep us posted; we're all rooting for your heart warrior!
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