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Redo Maternit21

I had my blood drawn for this at 10w6d on May 18th. I was told today that it was inconclusive due to not enough DNA and for me to wait 2 more weeks to do it again. I thought this test was supposed to be good after 10 weeks. Anyone have advice or experience with this? Thank you!
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Re: Redo Maternit21

  • No real advice, but I have heard of this happening.  It's rare, but does happen.  So don't read into it too much.  Good luck with the test!

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  • I think it's because they are looking for baby's cells in your blood, so the placenta has to be all built up, rocking and rolling. If they didn't find enough of baby's cells, then they are waiting for the placenta; I doubt it will really take two whole weeks, but I can see the doctors being conservative and not wanting to run an expensive test more than twice.

    I'm sorry you have to wait. Waiting sucks.
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  • Thanks guys. ☺ And I totally agree...waiting super sucks!
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  • That's so annoying!!  My testing was also through Maternit21.  They told me 14 business days for results, but it only took 6 actual (4 business) days!  Hopefully you get your results back quickly!
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