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Monday Bitchfest 5/29

Islmost forgot today was Monday. Let's hear it ladies. 


Re: Monday Bitchfest 5/29

  • My BF is Memorial Day traffic. We left to drive home from Maine 2.5 hrs ago - normally the drive takes 2.5-3 hrs - but we are nowhere near home at all. At this rate the drive will take 5 hrs. We thought we left early enough to beat the traffic, but the weather sucks so I think everyone left early...
  • My birthday is tomorrow. I have been very direct with my H about wanting time alone. He keeps trying to schedule time with him. I don't know how to be any more direct with him, without saying, "Leave me the fuck alone!"
  • @Rhubarb7216 holiday traffic is horrible. Sorry you're stuck in it.
  • @lilpoots Happy Birthday!
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  • I totally missed being on TB all weekend and yesterday. My BF yesterday was the storm that knocked out my power and kept me from getting any sleep Sunday night/Monday morning. Fortunately, looks like it didn't cause any damage to my house, though. 
    me: 33 DH: 33 DS#1: Sept 2017

    TTC#2 since January 2019
    PCOS diagnosed in 2016
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    My DH's best friend and his fiancee came over for dinner Sunday and they decided to go out afterwards for a few drinks and to sing karaoke. I decided to stay home and rest but told DH I'd pick him up when they were done. Well he ran into his boss downtown who was so incredible drunk. Like laying on the sidewalk, 10 second memory drunk. He called me about 12:30 and I went and picked them both up. The boss came home with us - we're friendly with him, he's come to dinner and just to hang out before (they actually worked together in a completely different job as co-workers a few years ago). He kept my husband up until almost 3 which meant I was up until almost 3. Then DH had to open at 8:30 (which of course his manager knew) and we had to drive for six hours to pick up my stepson after he got off work. I wrote this out yesterday but forgot to hit post. We ended up not getting home until midnight last night so my DH is tired and grumpy from two super late nights. Luckily DH is also starting a new job next week. I'm glad we brought him home rather than letting him drive or continue to wander while he was that intoxicated, but I'm still grumpy.
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