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Hi y'all! I recently moved to Durham, and I am 26, a newlywed, and expecting a baby boy in October! I am posting in hopes to find other mommies in the area looking to start a little mom group or even just a friend

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  • Hi! I would be interested! I work in Durham and live in Holly Springs (near Cary/Apex)! I am early in my 1st trimester (due in Jan) so any group I'm in I wouldn't be able to join on FB or anything since it's not public knowledge yet. I'm 30 and would love to make new mommy friends as all my friends are either partiers or have school-aged kids. 
  • Yay!!! Congrats!!! So excited for you! So this is your first baby?! 
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  • @mrsambergarcia326 thanks! Congrats to you too! I'm nervous because I'm not far along at all! Thought I was 7 weeks but found out today I'm only measuring at 5 weeks! I feel like I joined The Bump too soon! 

    Is this also your first?
  • Oh wow! Well I'm sending lots of prayers and good vibes your way for everything to work out! It is my first as well! I found out when I was 10 weeks along and had NO idea I was pregnant haha! 

    Did you get into the doctor to confirm today?
  • @mrsambergarcia326 well... my first appt was supposed to be June 20 with Baby+Co in Cary. That place is gorgeous and more like a spa than a dr. office. But (TMI) I had bleeding today and went to the ER. That's how I found out I was 2 weeks earlier than I expected to be. Everything should be fine though. I'm making an appt for an OB for next week and unfortunately won't be able to be seen at Baby+Co since Idk if I can handle an all-midwife practice instead of a traditional practice. At first I wanted less medical stuff but today changed my mind and now I'm like the more ultrasounds, the better! 

    Haha! 10 weeks and no idea! That sounds like a dream to have most of the first trimester over with, no stress! 
  • Wow that place sounds amazing! That's crazy it's only midwives though. My office has midwives and dr which is nice because I got to see both. I ended up falling in love with a midwife though! I felt more supported by her than I did with the doctors.

    Everywhere and everyone is so different though!! My office also offers this class type appointment where you are with 4-8 other women around your due date and instead of having your appointments alone, you have them in a group. (A little strange sounding at first) haha! But you get your 1:1 time for like 5-10 min then you hear the heartbeat etc. and then you have a group session for an hour. Every week has a different topic which is nice since I am clueless about pregnancy lol!  

    and yes I was almost done with my first trimester when I found out!!! So crazy still to think about. I feel like I skipped half my pregnancy and now I'm over halfway done! I'm in my 22nd week now! 

    So have you always lived in NC?!
  • Wow that sounds great! Do you mind if I ask which practice you are with? I am in the search for a doctor now and that sounds like a good mix! There are so many options and I don't really know anyone that's given birth around here. 

    I grew up near the coast of NC and moved to this area in 2011. Where did you move from? 
  • Chapel Hill obestrices and gynocology!

    120 Conner Dr
    Unit 101
    Chapel Hill, NC  27514
    United States

    I moved here on New Year's Eve with my husband from Texas! We both grew up in the Dallas area and my job relocated me here! We love it here so far, the hardest part is being away from our families while expecting a baby! And also no friends.... lol our wedding was March 26th and we found out we had a little one on the way like 2 weeks before that.... I feel like all of our life changing events happened over the past few months! Haha so much change! 
  • Wow! That is a lot at once! Thanks for the name of your dr office! I'll look into them, not too far from my work but it's a hike from my house! I have no clue which to pick, closer to work or to home. 

    Well, if you ever want to get together, I'd love to! I can show you around. I typically like to do things like take my dog on a trail walk (usually Umstead in Cary or Raleigh) but I've heard there are places around Eno River in Durham. Or lunches are always nice! 
  • Yeah I chose closer to my work since I spend most of my time here... if anything happens I'm super close lol!!! Of course! And that's so funny, we take our dogs to Eno! Love being outside! 

    Yes let's definitely grab lunch sometime! Here is my cell: 817-201-6323 text me! 

    Do you have Instagram or Facebook?? My Instagram name is: amber.kuckhahn
  • My husband and I just moved to Durham in June and we are expecting our first at the end of September - a boy! Would love to meet new moms in the area :)
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    Yay that's so exciting! Would love to connect! How do you like Durham so far!?
  • Hi I live in Cary/apex area. Baby boy due in January. I’m 32. Would love to find some other moms with same age kids too! 
  • Hi! Hoping this post is from July 2022 - if so, I'm due with a boy as well at the end of December. Live in Raleigh. Would be great to get a group together!
  • Hi! We moved to Raleigh last year and are expecting our 1st on 6/30/23. I don't have any pregnant or mom friends in the area so if anyone is looking to make a new friend, would love to meet up! Currently living in downtown Raleigh. Age: 33. 
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