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Ziplining at 8 weeks pregnant ?

Hey guys! I live on the big island of Hawaii and every year the ziplining company does a free zip tour to raise food for the food drive , I'm only 8 weeks and I'm not showing yet. It's not a strenuous course. Think it's alright?


  • Ask your doctor. I personally wouldn't risk it in case there's a jarring stop but that's me. 
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    I'd be surprised if they let you on while pregnant, you'll probably be required to sign forms attesting that you're not. Also, this would be a great question for the pregnancy questions/concerns thread.
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  • I would call your doctor just in case but a good friend of mine got the okay from her doctor around 8 weeks for zip lining. It probably depends on the doctor though and it might be something you'd have to disclose to the zip line place.
  • Call your doctor and the place that you'll be going zip lining. I just went while I was 6 weeks pregnant but only after getting the okay from my doctor and the zip lining company. I made sure there would be no sudden jerky stops and there weren't. 
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