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Sleeping Getting Worse

My 3mo son has never been a great sleeper and honestly, he's getting worse. When he was very little, he would possibly sleep 3, 4, sometimes even 5 hours straight before waking up to eat (I esb). Also, he would nap a few times a day, be it "cat naps" (30-45 mins) but he would nap nonetheless. It seems that as he has gotten older, he has been sleeping less and less. Now he refuses to nap unless he is in my arms and at night, he maybe sleeps for a half hour to an hour and then wakes up crying. 

He is in a sleep sack since he rolls now, is in a cradle next to me, with white noise going, and we keep it cool in the room. My husband feeds him a bottle of my pumped milk before bed in order to make sure he's full. I have no idea why his sleep is getting worse other than the fact that I pick him up when he cries to eat. Maybe I should let him cry??

We've tried putting him in his crib in his room, which is right across the hall, to see if not smelling me would help. Nope. All he does is cry cry cry. I've tried putting him down for naps in there. Nope. Wakes right up and cries. 

Honestly, I'm beyond exhausted but I'm home on maternity leave so whatever. My issues is I go back to work in Sept. and I can't do this whole zero sleep thing and work too. Also, my son is super long and active so the cradle won't be able to hold him much longer. Yet, he hatesssss his crib. My mother said to stop bfing and just give him formula to "fill him up and make him sleep". Ugh. Help please. Help. 

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    Might be the 4 month sleep regression come a little early. 
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  • Does your son have any issues like reflux going on? Is he already fully asleep when you lay him down? How long has he been sleeping for just half an hour at night? Does he burp when you pick him up? 

    I know there's supposed to be a 3 month growth spurt and between 14 and 19 weeks babies hit another wonder week, both of which can cause increased feeding, fussiness, and sleep issues. 
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