2nd Trimester

Pain or discomfort after an Ultrasound

This not a question but really just a comment and to see who else has had this issue.  Yesterday I had my anatomy scan (18weeks) and of course the little one decided he was camera shy and curled into a tightball.  As a result it took the technician a really long time to get the scans she needed and she really had to press hard all over.  About 2 hours after the appointment my abdomen started hurting, and by last night it was incredibly painful (I finally broke down and took a Tylenol).  Today its more like a dull ache but still really uncomfortable.  When it started I had no idea it was from the ultrasound, though DH called it right away. Imagine my surprise when I start looking at different forums and see that pain following a long or hard pressing Ultrasound is fairly common, and in some cases can last for 2 or 3 days (DH happily took the honor of saying told you so, since he gets that very rarely;-)  Anyone else experience this?  Where you also surprised or did you have someone/something tell you that this might be the case?  Just curious.

Re: Pain or discomfort after an Ultrasound

  • I get pain after too.  I get ultrasounds every two weeks and sometimes they have to nudge her into place and it hurts because it's basically like laying on your belly(thats what I think anyway) I just take long hot shower or baths and I usually feel better
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