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The Bachelorette

LuLiLaEvLuLiLaEv member
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It's back! The show we love or love to hate.

Who's ready for tonight?

Anyone have any thoughts on the men from their bios?
Anyone stand out?

Anyone interested in a fantasy league?


Re: The Bachelorette

  • I joined the league.. I was already in one so my username is lilpeep (not potterphile).

    No no one stands out to me so far to be honest. Several seem quite boring which is probably good for Rachel.

    cant believe im watching ANOTHER season wo drinking. TG that will be over by the time BiP comes around  
  • BusyZeeBusyZee member
    I've never seen this show. Should I..?
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  • @Potterphile I was not a huge Rachel fan during the last season but I preferred her over Raven by a mile. I really hope these guys aren't total losers...

    @BusyZee Once you start you can't stop watching! So be prepared to commit ;) It's definitely a guilty pleasure show
  • @LuLiLaEv I LOVE Rachel. Loved her from the beginning of Nicks season.

    also agree @busyzee - don't start watching unless you're prepared to watch the whole thing. You start to get invested. And each season rolls into the next and the spinoffs and etc etc 

    but WOW am I HYPED for tonight 
  • Thanks for the reminder! Just set up my DVR so I'm ready to go!
  • Never seen it either but looks like I'll be setting my dvr!
  • I joined the fantasy league! Every question was a totally random guess. LOL I haven't seen/read anything about this season so far! I didn't even know it was starting already until I saw a commercial yesterday. I don't have a DVR, so I'll probably be watching online on Tuesdays. I might be able to watch tonight if I can get my kid to sleep in the next 15 minutes.
  • I like Rachel! I'm looking forward to this season as is HAS to be better than Nicks  :D There are a couple of guys who's profiles stand out a bit (honestly can't remember their names!) so I'm excited for night one limo intros! Some of the cringe worthy ones just crack me up! 
  • really hoping my DVR recorded this last night because I completely forgot!!!!
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  • I've got a dinner meeting tonight so I skipped out of the office early to rest for a bit and watch Bachelorette.

    *spoiler* I seriously can't believe she kept the whaboom guy. He's the next Corrine. Do they tell her she has to keep the weirdo around just to create controversy?? At least she made a good pick with the first impression rose. 
  • I would join the fantasy league but my friends and I had one last time and I never participated bc I forgot. 

    Whaboom guy is weeirrrrrrrd!!!
  • I don't know if she has to keep the crazy around but I think maybe yes. 

    Also so I did NOT like the first impression guy because he ATE HER FACE OFF. But apparently she was into it? Idk different strokes I guess. 
  • @nktrodden826 & @BusyZee Did y'all end up watching? If so how was your first bachelorette experience? :)

    @AdaByron All mine were guesses too. I felt like they were harder this time than last season!

    @MamaRN13 Totally agree! Anything is better than Nick, except another season for Brad.  

    @rae1-3 oh no! I hope it recorded! We don't have cable ATM but when we did I loved it cause I never had to think about setting up the new season it just recorded all bachelor/ette things for me! Now I have to make sure DD is in bed by 7 so I don't miss anything! Haha 

    I didn't get to watch it yet so I'll have to catch up this weekend and post my thoughts...
  • OU: I loved Nick. I thought he was low-key smart and pretty funny. And also super attractive  :* 

    also for the league, I think u can change ur final four for another like 2-3 weeks.
  • @Potterphile I hated him on The Bachelorette when he was a contestant, but I really really liked him on BIP! He definitely turned people's view of him around I thought. His season was just meh for me, I thought it was boring by the end and looked up spoilers but I think it had more to do with the girls left than him. I do think he's pretty funny though! But 4 seasons of him is enough...
  • @LuLiLaEv yes I did watch! And I almost turned it off after that guy came out, I can't think of his name but the one with the sleeveless shirt that had his whaboom saying on it. But I'm glad I didn't. I'm interested to see another episode or two to see what it's all about.. assuming they go on dates every episode? 
  • @nktrodden826 - oh yes. There's usually two individual dates and a group date every episode. Not everyone gets a date every week (even as part of the group date). I'm sure that guy will get a lot of dates to keep things interesting. 
  • I didn't really see Whaboom much in the "on this season" preview so I'm hoping that means she gets rid of him soon. They didn't play him up as the villain of the season so I think that might mean she axes him.
  • ljd2010ljd2010 member
    Whaboom guy was definitely annoying, but I found it funny that it was the "aspiring drummer" (whatever his name is) who called him out. That guy dedicated at least 60% of his intro video to how much he's into sex. Hard pass there for me. 
  • @ljd2010 agreed hard pass on the drummer from his video, plus the fact that I think he was in his 30s and an aspiring drummer... But I'm not judging Rachel on that pick (yet) since I don't think she gets to see those intro videos. 
  • That drummer guy is also a personal trainer (per the intro video). Most of the dumb job titles like "tickle monster" aren't real.. they typically have other jobs that they don't tell you.
  • cait32cait32 member
    if you lurk the TTGP bachelorette thread there's a woman who knows Blake, the aspiring drummer, and he's definitely NOT that. They just make it up to create drama on the show.
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  • ljd2010ljd2010 member
    Interesting! I can get past the cheesy job title (that I'm sure abc put together) and actually thought his intro with the band was really cool. But I thought all the sex talk was way over the top. 
  • BusyZeeBusyZee member
    @LuLiLaEv I'm going to give it a try this weekend, I'm too scared to start because Im worried I might get addicted! (I have been ignoring all the above posts lol) 
  • Why am I now obsessed with this show?! 
  • BusyZeeBusyZee member
    Why am I now obsessed with this show?! 
    That's why I'm holding off on it, I'm worried I'm going to ditch all baby prep and be glued to my couch. Lol
  • BusyZee said:
    Why am I now obsessed with this show?! 
    That's why I'm holding off on it, I'm worried I'm going to ditch all baby prep and be glued to my couch. Lol
    Oh c'mon... it's only two hours/week. Come to the dark side!
  • ONLY two hours a week until BIP starts  :D
  • A few thoughts from last night:

    Poor Fred. Why on earth would she pickup that rose, then ask him to come with her, then proceed to send him home?! That's just cruel (and I'm sure was a producer thing). 

    All that mud wrestling was super weird. Some GOOOOOD looking men, but just... weird. 

    Peter is still my top pick. 
  • I AM a cruel person so I loved (1) how she shut Demario down and (2) letting Fred go right then. She probably didn't need to pick up the rose but I don't think she was like "I'm gonna crush this dude lemme make it worse". Probably producers or just not thinking. 

    I felt weird about all the guys at mud wrestling just because I don't like any of them. Felt like she could have expedited the process and just eliminated all the people on that group date. A couple of them feel like empty shells to me.

    And i ALSO love peter  <3<3 look up his Calvin Klein modeling shots if you need a mental health boost. 
  • LuLiLaEvLuLiLaEv member
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    I watched last night. My thoughts: 

    Glad she sent DeMario packing. Although to be honest his "girlfriend" did look psycho 

    Can't stand Eric

    I don't think Bryce, or whatever the firefighter guy name is is cute at all! 

    Thought it was super awkward that she took the rose with her while sending Fred home! I think she should have sent him home from the beginning. It clearly bothered her that she had known him before and didn't like him why keep him around and get his hopes up? Plus him asking her if he could kiss her was SO jr high! 

    I liked most of the guys on the Ellen date, although maybe it's just cause I like Ellen....

    I really like Kenny.

    I couldn't stand that she kept saying "the girls" "my girls" "girls" etc. It was super annoying to me.

    ETA: and I wasn't crazy about Anthony, clearly since I didn't even remember their date when typing this out ...
  • I agree with everything everyone said here. I'm so glad she sent home the people she did. So glad the Waboom BS is over. 

    I found it interesting that the day after that episode aired, they announced the BIP cast and her whole Girl Squad is on it. 
  • Just watched after work yesterday. +1 to everything @lulilaev said. 

    and @adabyron yea, obviously her 'girls' were really just there to promoted themselves for BIP. I can't see Rachel being friends with Corinne in real life...
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  • Someone said earlier in this thread (sorry I'm lazy and didnt go back to see who...Potterphile maybe???) that she's glad she can drink again once BIP comes on and can I just add an AMEN to that?!  This show is such a guilty pleasure, it almost has to have a glass of wine to go along with it.

    So glad Demario and Fred are both gone.  Kenny is adorable, Anthony (and that whole date) was boring AF, Peter is HOTT.  Also every season needs an Ellen/Stripper date from now on.  
  • Ummmm I just read a quick article that said BIP filming has stopped "indefinitely" due to some sexual misconduct or something. I'm honestly too lazy to look into it more, but a quick Google search says that contestants have been send home and that Corrine and Demario are at the center of the controversy! What the heck?!
  • MamaRN13 said:
    Ummmm I just read a quick article that said BIP filming has stopped "indefinitely" due to some sexual misconduct or something. I'm honestly too lazy to look into it more, but a quick Google search says that contestants have been send home and that Corrine and Demario are at the center of the controversy! What the heck?!
    How shocking...not lol. 
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  • edited June 2017
    Just joining now. I meant to join from the start but at least I'm not too far behind. I just got distracted and forgot.... Sorry :(
    cant believe im watching ANOTHER season wo drinking. TG that will be over by the time BiP comes around  
    @Potterphile - Totally agree. Corrine made me want to drink so bad during Nick's season. 

    Here's my two cents on everything thus far (and yes I joined the fantasy league too). Also, sorry if I repeat things already mentioned... SPOILER ALERT FOR THOSE WHO HAVE NOT WATCHED ALL 3 EPISODES YET

    1. She looked scared when Lucas gave her a glimpse of "whaboom". I am glad he's gone. He was the male version of Corrine in my opinion.
    2. My heart broke hearing about Diggy's brother in his intro video.
    3. Maybe it's because I am currently pregnant but I found the "husband material" challenge funny. 
    4. Copper <3
    5. The whole Lexi / DeMario situation and the situation with his coming back the next night... Just wow!
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  • ginger1228ginger1228 member
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    What I heard about Demario and Corinne is that they had sex and noe Corinne is claiming rape! Who knows what's true but it would have to be something big like that to stop filming. 

    Eta: I also just read a different article that said he gave her oral sex in the pool (during filming) and it made people (staff) uncomfortable. But I can't imagine how that's a big deal considering people have sex on that show all the time?
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