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Weeekend Chatter- 5/20!

Hello Saturday! What's on your mind and agenda this weekend?

Re: Weeekend Chatter- 5/20!

  • It's a beautiful day but it is starting to get hot. We're taking the dogs to the dog park in a few minutes so they can get some exercise. This morning I have a surprise brunch sprinkle for a friend who is due a few days ahead of me and DH is spending the day hanging crown molding in the nursery.

    I had an exhausting work week so I'm looking forward to relaxing this evening and tomorrow. We have nothing on the agenda and that is so ok with me! 
  • It's finally cooled off a little here! My baby shower is today and I have family here from out of town so it should be a busy and fun day. Tomorrow will be more relaxed though. 
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  • julybaby17-2julybaby17-2
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    I'm super jealous of your nice weather! Ours is awful. Super cold and rainy. There is no sun in the forecast until Thursday. I have my shower with local friends today, and I'm super excited! Other than that, I have some work to catch up on and erands to run. 
  • rnw2019rnw2019
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    Hot weather here too!

    After finally turning in a draft of my thesis to my committee, I'm having a fun weekend instead of locking myself in my office cave. We went to a movie last night, and I've been in full-on nesting mode inventorying all our baby supplies so we can put in a big Amazon and Target order with our registry discount. Our shipment goes out next week, so we'll probably do some packing too!

    H has to auction off an activity with students at the school's fundraiser every year, so he has two kids doing a tour and beach walk at my lab today, and then we'll have a picnic on the harbor afterwards! I'm hiding indoors in the AC until the food part, haha. 

    Have fun at your showers @greenbean-2  and @julybaby17-2!! 

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  • I am going to my third funeral of this pregnancy. A coworker who planned my wedding--her husband passed away from cancer. 

    After that, we go to our first childcare class.  Then I will try to get some work done. With the in laws out of town, I also have to figure out how to feed my husband despite having a crazy week at work. Anyone have any easy and quick paleo-recipes I can make during the week?  
  • Today I need to get baby's room mostly arranged bc my shower is tomorrow. 

    Then next weekend I'll be able to wash clothes/towels/blankets/etc and put it all away. I also want to make a list of any necessities that I'll still need to pick those next weekend. 

    Of course it's nasty and rainy here so that sucks! 
  • @rjoys8 Congrats on turning in a draft of your thesis! That's a great accomplishment. I'm glad you're having a fun weekend to celebrate!
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  • We're actually having our first stretch of nice weather out this way! I'm excited to soak up a bit of sun; I'm sure I'm deficient in vitamin D after this grey and rainy spring we've had. 

    Have fun at your showers @greenbean-2 and @julybaby17-2 !

    @Twinkiedoll Sorry to hear you have to go to another funeral, I hope it's the last one you have to go to for a long time.

    The past month has been absolutely insane and I'm really starting to feel fatigued from all the appointment. Work has also been crazy as I've been training my replacement and starting new projects while also trying to wrap things up. My last day is next Tuesday and I'm so excited for the reprieve. 

    My pubic symphysis dysfunction has been getting worse over the past bit and I could barely sleep last night because of it. I have a chiro appointment in a couple weeks and I'm hoping that helps relieve some of the pain. 

    This weekend I'm looking forward to relaxing with my boyfriend and selling some of the stuff we're clearing out to make room for our baby-related furniture. We bought a white change table from a FB group for $10, a wicked deal...until we picked it up and saw that it was absolutely filthy. We immediately chucked the nasty change pad that came with it, and I spent close to 2 and a half hours cleaning the thing. I wish I'd taken a before and after picture. It went from being yellow looking with a funky smell and crayon scribbles, to sparkling white. That was after sanitizing twice and going over it with a magic eraser. It's a really nice piece of furniture, it's unfortunate the previous owner let it get to that condition. 

  • wolfmumwolfmum
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    @nktrodden826 that looks SO good. 

    Im sitting in the pedicure chair right now... YASSSS
  • We were having a weekend at home with pizza and a Game of Thrones marathon, but the Babies R Us pack n play deal forced me to go shopping. It's kind of nice to almost be done shopping for the baby now though. Also went out to eat with my mom and grandmother so hubs could get a steak at Outback. Now we really are home. I'm just checking out my new baby stuff, and then we'll be watching Game of Thrones and pigging out on pizza and chili french fries all weekend.

    @Twinkiedoll I think I have a chili recipe that is paleo. What do you not eat?  
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  • @Dovahkiin_99  Thanks for your kind words

    @kerils   DH is the one on the paleo diet so I'm trying to be supportive.  My regular go-to meals to make during the week are not paleo friendly so I'm trying to find something new.  Basically, DH is trying to avoid white sugar, rice, pasta, flour, etc.  We bend the rules for paleo a bit because it's too hard to find a lot of the paleo substitutes here, and even when we do, they are too expensive.  He still eats cheese.  I refuse to stop using soy sauce.  So it's really just avoiding carbs and processed foods.  
  • acstec1acstec1
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    @nktrodden826 that is adorable! Love it! 
  • @lph4248 Congrats!

    DS and I went shopping with my mom today.  He needed some new sneakers and a few more things for the summer.  My mom has this thing where she wants to buy him things, but refuses to unless I go with her to pick it all out.  I appreciate that she wants to make sure we like what she buys, and that it's the right size, but I always feel like I don't want to pick out too much.  It was a nice day, though.  Tomorrow, we're going to start the opening process for our pool.  We didn't open it at all last year, because we were away for most of the summer, and then the winter cover broke during the big snowstorm that we got.  I'm a little terrified of what the science project under the cover will be...
  • Today I went to a close friend's bridal shower. It was so hot, but I managed to make it through with minimal makeup running lol. I always find it nice to be around old friends. We went to high school together and ran cross country and track together. Her whole family knows me. The last time they all saw me was at her engagement party in December and we had just found out that I was pregnant so I didn't tell anyone. Everyone was so happy to see me and my belly today! Didn't win any games, but I ate really good food, so I was happy.

    Tomorrow DH graduates with his BA in Psychology. It was a long road filled with late nights, multiple papers due, and little days off. I'm so proud of him because he has been wanting to finish his degree for the longest time. 

    I'm trying to get him to take cap and gown pics with me so we can send them to his family on the East Coast, but he's being a butt lol. Plus, my gown has to be returned after my ceremony on Tuesday as it was rented, so pictures need to be taken soon! 
  • Oh weekends are so short. Went into work for a bit this morning, straight to a birthday party, then piano lesson, yogurt land for post-piano treat, errands, and now waiting for dh to come home to figure out what we'll do for dinner. 

    My grandmother died this morning, she was 99 years old. My mom is in Japan right now arranging funeral services and I wish I could be with her. 
  • lph4248lph4248
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    @satsumasandlemons I'm so sorry for your loss and that you can't be with your mom right now. Hugs to you.
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  • @satsumasandlemons so sorry to hear of your grandmother's passing. Your family is in my thoughts. 
  • @satsumasandlemons - so sorry to hear about your grandmother!
  • @satsumasandlemons I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother!! Praying for you and your family <3
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  • BusyZeeBusyZee
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    @nktrodden826 too cute! 

    I just had two servings of ravioli and three scoops of sorbet. Kate Middleton looks absolutely stunning on pipas wedding. H thought pipa was a car seat and is really amused. That's all for today! 
  • @satsumasandlemons I'm so sorry for your loss! 
  • BusyZeeBusyZee
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    @satsumasandlemons I'm so sorry for your loss:(
  • @satsumasandlemons So sorry for your loss and that you can't be with your mom right now.  I'm sure she appreciates your support even from afar.  Hugs to you and your family.
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  • RubyRedPirateRubyRedPirate
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    @satsumasandlemons Im so sorry to hear about your loss :(

    I'll be working all weekend here. Tomorrow is my 5th 10 hour shift in a row. Today we had a dog come in with vomiting and was barely standing, found out he ate a pillowcase a week ago. Took radiographs and did a barium study, the pillowcase is still in there, stuck. The owners waited ALL DAY to decide if they wanted to do surgery. They decided 15 minutes before we closed and we don't do after hours so I will be heading in at 7am to help the vet do the emergency foreign body surgery. 

    My husband is playing on is company baseball team and Im jealous. I played softball for years and am jonesing to get out there and play. They had their first practice today and Im excited to go when the games begin. 
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  • mamadcbmamadcb
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    @satsumasandlemons I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother. It is so hard to be far away in situations like that. 

    We have had a busy weekend already and Saturday isn't even over. Breakfast out, Skype, birthday party, meeting with friends, choir rehearsal, potluck dinner... Now we're home and I'm in the recliner in the nursery while DH assembles the crib. I can barely keep my eyes open and have no idea how he is still functioning!

    Tomorrow will be another busy day but I'm thankful to be making progress on some of our goals. 
  • @satsumasandlemons so sorry for your loss.

    @RubyRedPirate I am so jealous. I always loved being in surgery especially for foreign objects. My first surgery was 4 tennis balls, it was my first client at the clinic. I hated those after hours tho, we did have those.
  • @satsumasandlemons so sorry for your loss   :(
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  • @satsumasandlemons I'm so sorry.  99- wow, it's amazing to think of all the changes that have happened in her lifetime.  Thinking of your family.
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  • XathXath
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    @satsumasandlemons I'm very sorry for your loss.

    DS2 started vomiting in the middle of the night so today's plans have been canceled.  Instead the boys are watching unlimited TV in an effort to get them to rest.  I feel queasy and I'm hoping it's just a sympathy reflex from the smell and not a sign that I'm the next victim of whatever this is.  
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  • @Xath yikes praying you don't get it too! 
  • @satsumasandlemons I'm so sorry.  99- wow, it's amazing to think of all the changes that have happened in her lifetime.  Thinking of your family.
    This is exactly what I was thinking.  I'm so sorry for your loss! 99 - what a life!
  • @Twinkiedoll I do not follow a paleo diet but I have used this blog for recipe ideas in the past and they were great. She has a lot of crock pot meals which are super easy for the work week. Hope it helps!

  • chiquita928chiquita928
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    @twinkiedoll I'm not sure how paleo works exactly, but my trainer gave me this recipe for Turkey Burgers, which I eat bunless...I think she tends towards paleo, but you could always tweak it:

    Edited bc autocorrect
  • @twinkiedoll My chili recipe happens to be vegan too, but I think it will work and you can always add meat to it if you want to. It makes about 6 servings. Not sure how he feels about corn, may be a grain, but you can always take that out. I always throw it all in a crockpot and leave it there for at least 4 hours. 

    3 cans of beans (any kind you want, I use black and kidney)
    1 16 oz can tomato puree
    1 1/2 cups corn
    2 green peppers chopped
    7 green onions, or 1 white/yellow onion
    1 cup peas
    SPICE AS DESIRED: I use nutritional yeast (3/4 cup), oregano, basil, black pepper, and garlic. I do not measure spices so I can't really tell you how much I put in. 
    FOR A SWEETER CHILI: I always use agave syrup. Only need about a tablespoon to sweeten it up. 

    1) Throw everything in the crockpot and stir together
    2) Add water until chili is the consistency you want
    3) Cook for at least 4 hours

    And that's basically it. It's cheap and easy and pretty hands off. 

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    (we clearly have a problem with the month of July)
  • @satsumasandlemons I'm sorry for your loss. 

    @lph4248 Congrats!!
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  • @satsumasandlemons so sorry for your loss.

    Today, I'm trying to wrap my head around how to organize my stamp/paper/cuttlebug crafting supplies. I have way too much and DH is ready to kill me because the real estate it takes up keeps growing! But I did start making the thank you cards for people who do gifts. We don't expect them, because this is kiddo #2, but we've already gotten a few, so I want to have some thank you cards on hand!
    We're also finishing up our transplants and fresh plantings this weekend so will be out in the garden this afternoon!
  • acstec1acstec1
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    @satsumasandlemons so sorry for the loss of your grandma! That has to be hard with her being so far away and you wanting to be with your mother! 

    My weekend was extremely laid back. A lot of online ordering done for both the nursery and DDs room so we can finally move her out of the guest bedroom! Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. 
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