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Show us those cuties!

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  • Kgridley27Kgridley27
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    One cooooool dude living it up in the Sunshine State ;)

  • Love those shades!  B)
  • This is when this little girl decided she wanted to stay awake at 1am and play with my friend that was watching her. Luckily she went to sleep after I got home because she was all played out. 
  • I love looking at these pictures. So cute!!!

    Here's my little man on Mother's Day. :)

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  • @pupatella Not sure if its just a glitch in my phone or what, but your image won't display!
    @kgridley27 Looking cool B)
    @ladybug2821 I wouldn't be able to resist playing with her!

  • The things he can do with his mouth when he's mad :D
  • @pupatella Aww, I love how he has his head to the side.  He just looks so sweet.

    @allythekid Right!  The faces they make when they are mad/crying, but still so cute.

  • brzvicebrzvice
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    Michigan finally warmed up this week to 80 degrees so we've been taking advantage of it. However, I have absolutely no clue how to dress my baby for warm weather or an air conditioned house.

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  • @brzvice I'm in FL and its been 90s for quite some time now.  I think just a onesie is enough even in 80 degree weather as long as the sun is shining.  If I know I'm going to the market or Target, somewhere the AC will be really cold, I also put socks on her and bring a blanket. Dresses, anything sleeveless, shorts will all be fine.  I do put a hat and sunscreen on her if she will be in direct sunlight.  In the house, all the same things but mostly just a onesie.
  • brzvicebrzvice
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    @Kgridley27 that hair though! Even John Stamos would be envious. Watch out- Hes a ladies man in training!.
    @Ladybug2821  S pics always make me laugh. She has the most expressive little face and pretty twinkly eyes. <3  her.
    @Pupatella  Look at that pose! you must share your secrets,I can't get V to sit still never the less smile unless shes snoozing! His sweet little face melts my heart into a puddle.
    @AllyTheKid looks like Johnny is the only blue eyed one in our bunch. He is SUCH a cutie.His little stretch arm strong crying lips  :D
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  • @pupatella That picture finally loaded on my phone, OMG, the best word I can think of to describe him is "dreamy" <3 He's just got that look!
  • @brzvice when we were vacationing in warmer climes we found that those short sleeve/legless rompers and a lightweight sleep sack were perrrrfect for bed.  I'm sure just a onesie would be fine, too, but those rompers can double as "out in public" clothes because: kinda pants?

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