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Fort Lauderdale- mosquitos?

Hi All,

We are off to Fort Lauderdale next week for vacation. Staying at Lago Mar Resort on the beach & I'll be 27 weeks. Does anyone know if they spray for mosquitos at all the resorts and if Zika is an issue north of the Miami Dade area? My doctor said Miami Dade is yellow, which she said is probably fine but low risk. It's not in that yellow area but 45 min north. I plan to bring pants for night time and lots of deet bug spray, but I'm hoping the beach and resort are ok mosquito wise. Any advice, super appreciated! 

Re: Fort Lauderdale- mosquitos?

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  • Hi, I live in Miami and just asked my nurse about this on Friday as I hadn't heard much about Zika lately so I thought it was under control but I saw some signs in Orlando at the theme parks that had a Mosquito Advisory and offered free bugspray...she said it is very much still an issue for pregnancy here and especially now that the summer is coming and temperatures are rising. She advised me to wear long sleeves when possible and use the recommended bugsprays from the CDC website. Hope this helps. Have fun on your trip!

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  • Interesting. Yeah, I used buy spray with deet and long sleeves at night. I didn't see a single mosquito or get bit so it doesn't matter at this point but good to know. We also just stayed to the beach and pool resort area which probably sprays. 
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