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Random Chatter week of May 8


Re: Random Chatter week of May 8

  • Just overheard something RIDICULOUS and had to share.

    The secretary was sharing a story about a wedding she attended over the weekend.  There were 750 guests.  The reception venue did not hold everyone so they did dinner in two separate seatings for a five course dinner.  Your invitation told you which seating you were in.  The problem is, they didn't leave enough time between the two seatings so the restaurant didn't have time to clear off the tables.  Also, THE RESTAURANT RAN OUT OF FOOD AFTER THE FIRST SEATING.

    And someone affiliated with the wedding party had the gall to tell the secretary (and other guests behind her waiting to be seated/fed) that because there was no more food, "you can just leave your cards and gifts at the table and go, if you want."
  • @Twinkiedoll - first off - Seven. Hundred. Fifty. People. 

    Second, woowwwwwwwwww to "leave the gift and go." 
    My comments here aren't very deep, but I don't even know what to say to that!
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  • My jaw is on the floor @Twinkiedoll !! I don't even know what to say either. Beyond rude, tacky, inconsiderate, there aren't enough negative adjectives!!

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  • @Twinkiedoll Wow. There are no words! And I couldn't even think of 100 people I wanted at my wedding much less 750. 
  • @Twinkiedoll Um, that is crazy! 750 is just crazy, but then to tell people to leave their gifts and go home? No way. 
  • First, 750 people!! Holy shit. 

    Second, if you have the finances to have a wedding feeding 750 people a 5 course meal you'd think you wouldn't need people to bring gifts or have to say 'leave the gifts and head to McDonald's' 

    Third, if you were planning on having 750 people you'd think you'd find a venue that would be able to seat and feed all the people. No venues come to mind so maybe easier said than done...baseball field, perhaps. 
  • I think it was a Filipino wedding.  Filipino weddings are notoriously large here.  It's usually hundreds of people, but not 750 people!  And certainly you are expected to seat everyone at the same time and feed them.

    The secretary said the whole thing was just embarrassing and icky.  That's putting it mildly....
  • mars8kmars8k member

    @Twinkiedoll bloody hell!!!!!!! Why invite so many people if you can’t afford it?! Oh wait to get more gifts of course :)

    My friend was basically telling me I was stupid for vaccinating my daughter and that I’m inflicting harm on her and told me to look it up J I told her that I did and wasn’t convinced and that I will vaccinate my baby as well when he’s here and she kept pushing her opinion on me while I clearly didn’t want to discuss this!


    Now listen, I’m not trying to start anything here, I know both parties have such strong opinions but that doesn’t give anyone the right to tell someone else what to do with their kids! My daughter plays with hers, I don’t have an issue with that and I never said anything about it when she decided not to vaccinate her daughters because I know she did her research and made an informed decision. I just expected the same courtesy.


  • No no no I wasn't trying to start this all over I just thought it was funny!! 
  • DcwtadaDcwtada member
    @dancegurl1118 I just spit out gatorade. I am going to steal that line. 
  • Yea I felt like my eyes just kept getting bigger and bigger as I read through that post. I'm horrified enough that my doctors office allows people to make the decision to not vaccinate or delay... nevermind associating w someone who made it. Gotta choose your friends somehow! If someone told me not to vaccinate my child... wow BYE. I don't like anyone telling me to do anything as it is, so someone telling me to do something that's dangerous for my child... shit. 
  • lph4248lph4248 member
    I'll start something all day on vaccinations. It's not a religion, or politics, or "agree to disagree" topic for me. You're wrong, you're selfish, and science says so if you're not vaccinating (OTHER THAN IMMUNOCOMPROMISED OR ALLERGY REASONS). 

    Girl, PREACH. It shouldn't be an "agree to disagree" topic for ANYONE who cares about the health of their child and the human race. I wish that all high schools had a mandatory class on interpreting scientific research (and how to tell if something even qualifies as scientific research) for this reason, but I'll settle for telling people to read Bad Science until that happens. Cultural relativism and "you have your way and I have mine" is  helpful for getting along with non-like-minded people... TO A POINT. You have to be able to draw the line at what science shows us. If you don't understand the basics of science, you don't understand logic.
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  • So DH and I decided to move DD into what was supposed to be the nursery - it's a slightly bigger room so she'll have more space for all her stuff. We are still not even close to starting the nursery yet. LOL

    But we did paint her new room, ripped up carpet so DH can re-level the floors he cut open to re-wire parts of the house, and had the carpet guy come and do measurements so he can give us a quote on re-carpeting the whole upstairs and staircase. 

    I'm only slightly freaking out that we're at week 30 and nothing is actually done yet. 
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  • DcwtadaDcwtada member
    @nktrodden826 i didn't want to clog up the HDBD thread since this is a completely random question. We are building a walk in shower that I think is very close to what you have. I know it has a rain shower and a regular shower too and no door. How do you like it? I have never had one like that before and if there are any things we can tweak before we get too far along that would be wonderful. I am worried about water getting everywhere despite what DH tells me. 
  • @Dcwtada WE LOVE IT!!!

    The best part about the shower is where the diverters are placed so you don't get sprayed with cold water! Let me find a picture! 

    Something we'd change is the fact that we have the knee wall and then the glass that goes all the way up to the ceiling- great for a steam shower if that's what you're into (I don't care for them so I don't love that aspect) but it doesn't vent the steam so DH is concerned that if we don't use the bathroom fan every time we shower we could eventually have mold or mildew in there but not for a long time I'm sure. 

    Also, make sure they 'seal' the floors. We went with a marble stone thing we found at the tile shop near us and the contractor used bright white grout but apparently didn't seal so after about a month the bright white isn't so white.. he came back and had to do a deep clean and then seal. Just something to keep in mind! 
  • DcwtadaDcwtada member
    That is good to know, I think we are planning half way up with wall and glass the rest of the way. DH and our maintenance/builder guy will build it so we have flexibility as far as construction and customizing it - I just have no idea what to expect. I will pass along were to put the controls because it is unpleasant to get spray with cold water lol

    Thank you! 
  • @Dcwtada we were able to design this one too- although DH didn't build it! That's impressive! We also wish we put a light in the shower but that may be personal preference. Our lights are 8 SUPER bright lights above the mirror so you're blinded if you shower as soon as you wake up! 

    Also, it's impossible to keep my fish, I mean toddler, out of it when I'm in it with no door. But I suppose he'd make his way in if we had the bathtub still.. 
  • DcwtadaDcwtada member
    I just dropped your knowledge on DH @nktrodden826 and he promptly left to see what he could do to fix it, right now the controls are roughed in underneath the shower heads. Thanks again! 
  • I couldn't get on TB from mobile this morning. The app just said "unable to load community" and the mobile website was saying my password was incorrect. I got here just fine from my PC, but I had the boards bookmarked and already logged in. It might be a slow day around here if there's a glitch that's going to affect everyone using the app.
  • AdaByron said:
    I couldn't get on TB from mobile this morning. The app just said "unable to load community" and the mobile website was saying my password was incorrect. I got here just fine from my PC, but I had the boards bookmarked and already logged in. It might be a slow day around here if there's a glitch that's going to affect everyone using the app.
    @kerils PM'd me that she was having the same issue. And @mrsla512 was having problems yesterday as well. not sure what is going on!
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  • @AdaByron I was having the same problem this morning.
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