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Hello all,

I'm late to the December birth board party, so thought I'd start a new intro thread. I took a test on April 18th and had a 'mini ultrasound' this morning, we saw a heartbeat and measured at 8 weeks 2 days (according to my cycle 8 weeks 3 days, due date December 12th). We're overjoyed! 

I'm an international Bumpie (from The Netherlands). SO is 33 and I'm 31. This is our first baby. We just bought our first home and are renovating the downstairs area, the renovation should be done next weekish, our floor will be put in at the end of May and the kitchen installed in early June. 

I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you! 
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Re: Intro

  • Welcome... Our Introductions thread is still very active. You could've posted your intro there. We try to keep our board pretty organized so there aren't individual threads every time someone intro's or has a common symptom. This keeps the board streamlined so everyone can find what they need and so we don't miss important threads, like losses. Please take a few minutes and make yourself familiar with the guidelines and organization thread pinned at the top where it says READ FIRST! This explains our thread schedule and why we have these guidelines.
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  • I'm sorry @vvitchhazel. I most definitely read the guideline, but was on mobile and still couldn't find the thread on page 5 or so, therefore I created a new thread. My apologies.
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  • vvitchhazelvvitchhazel
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    @fakefinn The Introduction thread is pinned at the top of the board. It's always one of the first three threads.
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  • Selective blindness is a symptom, right? ;)
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