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Is it safe to undergo periodontal treatment while pregnancy?

Hey!! I’m 2 weeks pregnant and I’m suffering from a severe toothache. My left side of the face is slightly swollen and gums are bleeding. I have researched and saw that salt water is good to reduce gum swelling. So I have tried it and there is a slight change in the swelling but I’m worried about the bleeding gums. One of my neighbors advised consulting a dental care clinic in Barrie for a checkup. She said it might be the symptoms of periodontal disease and asked me to treat it asap.
Since I’m 2 weeks pregnant is it safe for me to undergo periodontal treatment. I have scheduled an appointment with my OB/GYN on 3rd May 2017 to discuss this in details. Any thoughts? Has anyone here had a similar situation? If so, please share your experience. Thanks!!

Re: Is it safe to undergo periodontal treatment while pregnancy?

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    *Lurker* Your periodontist should also be familiar with what is and is not safe for pregnant women. I am certain that you are not the first pregnant woman that he has helped in his office. Since your mouth is so close to your brain, periodontal disease and infections are a BIG DEAL and should be treated ASAP. I would really recommend calling around today, as many offices do do Saturday hours (or, honestly, if yours doesn't then find one that does!).
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    I've been getting routine periodontal work for the last year or 2 and last time I told my hygienist we were TTC and that I was in my TWW. The only thing she said she was doing differently was holding off on x-rays, just in case (she offered me a weird metal shield thing to wear if I wanted to go forward with x-rays but I declined). That said, my swelling has never been as bad as what you're describing. I strongly agree with PPs that your dentist and staff will know what's best and to give them a call. 
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