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Weaning off formula/breast milk?

How did this work for you? 
What did you give them? 
What kind of cup?

LO will be a year in may. DH and I briefly discussed finishing up all the infant formula we have, then transitioning to toddler formula because she's not the greatest water. At all.... 

My question i guess is how did you start? Did you go slowly? All at once? What kind of cup? How did LO take the transition?

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Re: Weaning off formula/breast milk?

  • My daughter will be 11 months on may 9th she takes her formula from the nuby 360 degree cup. It's the only cup she will take formula from we literally bought a bunch of different ones and that's the only one she uses. When we first switched her to the cup she started taking 8 ounces 3 times a day morning afternoon and night but now she has only been taking two 8 ounce cups a day and will drink water from any sippy cup. But I'm worried she isn't getting enough fluids and have thought about starting to give her small amounts of cows milk. She's had yogurt and cheese and does fine but I know people say to wait till their first birthday. 
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