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Waiting for miscarriage (long post)

Today I should be 9 weeks pregnant. I went to the ER on Saturday night after talking to the doctor on call at my OBGYN offices. I had strong cramping and some spotting, and I hadn't had my first appointment yet (was scheduled for first check up on Monday). She advised me to go to the ER and get an ultrasound/exam because the cramping was so strong and persistent.

The ultrasound showed that the baby never progressed past 6 weeks, with no heartbeat. My HCG level was around 5,000.

The doctors at the ER were kind and cautious, telling me I should go to my scheduled appointment monday morning for more information and further examination. Sunday was the longest day of our lives; my husband and I cried and wondered what might happen Monday. With strong cramping, some spotting, no heartbeat and measuring almost 3 weeks behind, we knew the odds were against us.

Yesterday at the appointment the doctor told us we should do an ultrasound this friday. We need to wait at least a few days in order to accurately see if the baby is growing or not. Once we have that appointment friday, we can know for sure if this is viable. However, the doctor warned it is very unlikely.

For now, I am just waiting. I have severe cramps and some occasional bleeding but nothing very heavy. I feel like I'm just in limbo, suffering in pain but there is no real forward movement .... i just have to wait. Everything is progressing so slowly. The idea of waiting 4 more days to get information is agonizing and I know with these continued symptoms it is likely I may even miscarry before the ultrasound takes place.

For those of you who have gone through this, did it take a long time for the miscarriage to pass? I am now on my 4th day of mild spotting/strong cramping and the blood has gone from brown to red. Any insights about what to expect or how to pass the time? 

Re: Waiting for miscarriage (long post)

  • I'm so sorry you are going through this.  I had a similar situation.  I didn't have any signs to give any concern. I went in for US. And should have been 8 weeks but measured 5 weeks 4 days.  This was a Friday. They told me to come back on Tuesday to see if there was growth but also told me not likely.  Went in on Tuesday and no growth or heartbeat. Scheduled d & c for Friday.  It's very hard to wait.  I tried to work and keep busy.  Some days I was successful others not so much.  I grieved a lot during that time.  I started spotting and having cramping Wednesday before d & c but that's it.  It was very light.  The natural process can be quick or take a while. Everyone is different.  I have never gone the natural route so I can't give any info on that. 

    I hope things look up for you.  Hugs to you 
  • @am1117  I'm so sorry that you're going through this. Like @Mack2342  said, everyone is different.

    For me, I had some spotting off and on for a few weeks but saw baby growing and saw the heartbeat so we didn't worry. One day I woke up with some spotting and didn't think anything of it, then all of a sudden cramping started and the bulk of the miscarriage was over within 6-7 hours.

    Good luck staying busy over the next few days.
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  • I am so sorry. The waiting sucks. I'm in limbo as well though I know deep down what the final answer will be. I have spent the last 4 days curled up in a ball on the couch sobbing. I wish I could give you more answers but just know that you are not alone in this struggle. <3
  • I'm so sorry you are going through this as I know all to well how agonizing the wait can be. I had a miscarriage back in December in which I woke up on a Saturday and started bleeding. I called my doctors office and they told me to rest and to go to ER if bleeding got worse. I was scared to death but waited all day before finally going that evening. I was only 6 weeks pregnant so they were unable to see anything in the ER on ultrasound and they told me I had a urinary tract infection gave me some antibiotics and sent me home to wait to see doctor on Monday. It was a terrible feeling not knowing for sure and having to wait that long. I went in and they did an ultrasound and didn't see anything they took my blood and told me they would call me with results. Of course when they called to tell me they were dropping dramatically I knew but that wait just about killed us. I am praying for you and hoping for the best. Hugs!
  • I'm so sorry for everyone going through this experience. I had my 3rd US on Friday & it was confirmed non-viable at 9 was & 4 days. The  2 US's prior were nerve wracking waiting 2 see If any changes. ( no heartbeat, 2 empty sacs). I had mild brown spotting here & there prior 2 wk 7. The OB advised as long as it wasn't heavy bleeding or pain everything is fine..Long story short, I decided to take misoprostol on sat, but I started bleeding late Friday night. I believe I passed both sacs sometime between Sat & Sun. as mentioned in prior post pads, heating pad, water etc. all are necessary. it's day 4 and I'm still bleeding.cramps come and go but they are bad when they do come however it does not last long. this is my 1st MC and this is all new to me. sending hugs and prayers to 
     you all.
  • @trina347 I'm going through something similar. 3 ultrasounds and all showed empty gestational sac and change in growth. I should be 9 weeks tomorrow. I haven't had any bleeding. I'm scheduled for a D&C on Friday morning. The limbo time between the ultrasounds has been so hard for me. I felt stuck in the awful place of wishing for the best, but knowing it wasn't going to end up well. This is my first MC too. 

    I'm so sorry for everyone going through this. Sending hugs and support to all of you. 
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    Thank you all for such kind words and support. I am keeping each of you in my thoughts! I hope that we all find comfort in knowing there is a community here that supports and understands these difficult and painful days. 

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